#1 Being Empathic doesn’t have to be a Curse… [when people lie]

Persona December 2016

While there’s simply nothing we can do about others, it doesn’t mean we aren’t impacted in situations where people aren’t truthful to us, or aren’t affected when witnessing it happening around us.

Seeing others manipulate and lie used to devastated me because it felt unsafe, and anytime I approached that person about it, they were ambiguous and their answer lacked personal responsibility.

I’ve always been highly sensitive, empathic and psychic, so these types of things would drive me insane because I felt that when something negative happened, someone needed to take responsibility for it in order to resolved it, so, I internalized it and hurt deeply because I didn’t know where to go with it.

After years of mental issues and being fed up, I needed to figure out how I could live in this world, be as sensitive as I am about things [because my gifts and purpose are tied to that] and not feel so upset about people and what they choose to do or not do.

The truth is, people do not want to face themselves, so they invent games to distract from ever having to [it’s subconscious… sometimes intentional]. Lying is one of those games. Since lying and cheating and so on isn’t really that big a deal, it doesn’t mean it doesn’t suck to have it done to you. It all just boils down to preference at this point in your life: what do you want in your life, and what do you not want in your life… now, get rid of it and make space for what you do want.

Since I really don’t like games and will never have the respect of people who choose to lie to me, I decided that I really wasn’t tied to respecting them as people either, and I began setting boundaries or ignoring them altogether.

Lies and manipulations don’t seem to stop if I step out of the game or stay in it, so it really has nothing to do with me. If someone doesn’t want to be truthful, their reasoning on why they lied has no bearing on me as a person, it isn’t my fault, and it doesn’t mean that I have to do anything about it but let them exist with it.

Don’t worry about the feelings of others who approach you to play their game because the objective is win/lose, and I, personally, have no problem winning that game by disengaging them and walking away from it.

In all honestly, when you begin living your preferred life and have surrounded yourself with your preferred people, the nonsense that goes on elsewhere won’t matter anymore, and that’s the goal as who you are and how you feel begin to take priority in your life.


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