#2 Being an Empath doesn’t have to be a Curse… [when you’re tired all the time]

Personal December 2016

Something happened years ago that threw me into a brick wall. I could barely handle my own emotions before, and now everything was amplified to the point of utter exhaustion.

I found that I couldn’t engage in what people called “life” during that time of my life, so I checked out and slept, a lot. Something told me that this was way more traumatic than it had to be because I wasn’t taking care of my needs. I worked so hard and thought I had been doing the best I could, but this overwhelmed me even more – so I set the cruise control and climbed in the back seat; I had left myself. I’m sure a lot of empaths have been there.

I disengaged for a very long time, but it ended up allowing me to analyze what really mattered and I saw that I was living beyond my means, energetically and emotionally. The down side to this was that I had grown just as exhausted from disengaging. I felt I had nowhere to go and I didn’t know what to do. How am I supposed to take care of myself when I apparently didn’t know what my own needs were? I did a lot of researching…

Do you remember the guy from the 80’s who spun plates on poles? When they interviewed him, he said that it was crucial to stagger the spins and create a flow to maintain them. So, by the time he had spun the last plate, he had to start all over again.

This…is our subconscious mind.

Our creative subconscious is the source of all of our energy and none of that energy needs to go into complicating our day. It’s exactly where it needs to be, which is creating who we are and where we are.

This is a lot, I know.

So why are we tired… ?

Being tired [overall] has nothing to do with our surroundings. It’s because we don’t know yet how to collaborate with our creative subconscious and enjoy the world we’ve created for ourselves and the things in it. If you aren’t enjoying your experience, let go of feeling guilty about changing it so you can [manifest change].

When we try and make things happen instead of just enjoying our day, we end up stealing energy from its source and squandering it [exhausting ourselves].

Look at it this way… if you’ve ever pushed a stroller and had a baby insist on helping, they both end up off sidewalk. It can be a very frustrating experience when it happens over and over again because the child is insistent to help when things are fine as it is. Good intentions do not equate to good lives. Knowing who we are, where we come from and how to use what we have does.

Your subconscious crafts the energy you need throughout the day into what you know to be your gut feeling, inner dialogue, dreams, intuition, peace, joy and harmony, etc.

Remember a time you listened to your gut and avoided a painful situation? Your subconscious created a warning for you, you listened and avoided disaster. That’s what it looks like to use your energy responsibly. When you ignored it, it’s now squandered and it ends up wasting not only time and energy, but now your emotions are tied to it and you will relive it until you’ve dealt with it.

Squandering our energy manifests in many forms… fear and worry from the news and lies and anger and cheating and bills and tomorrow and yesterday. This is where determining true inner and outer emotions come into play in fueling, or not fueling, incited panic.

Merging with your energy source will go a long way in restoring your strength to protect how you feel about your life and change what you don’t like about it.

I truly hope this makes sense and resonates. If you begin to trust your senses and operate from your higher self [creative sub], it makes a world of difference.


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