A little about me and looking beneath the surface…

I’m a 39 year old, never married, being of strength, temperance and temper. I’m an artist, creator, introvert, psychic, manifestor, connected to the source of Love, healer, highly sensitive, go to war, protector type – yeah, I can be intense at times. I’ve died already in this lifetime [described below] and it’s possible I’ve transitioned time lines more than once, so it’s not a fear of mine. I began awakening last year in 2015 after what I describe below happened and changed everything for me.


I was driving to work once day and saw a cloud that looked like a hand below a line, but pointing up to it. I took a picture of it because I felt it was significant [attached] and had thought of doing a lot of writing, but had no clue where that would lead. So, I made a FB page that is useless now, but friends told me I should put my writings and realizations out there, so I did, and it was the right time to do so because, the day that I put all of my writings here in WordPress, my FB page crashed and I lost everything. I have one woman to thank for this, but we only were able to speak briefly before she offered to get me out there. If you are reading, words cannot express, Thank You.

HOW I SWITCHED TIME LINES [some would say “died”, but we don’t ever die]

~At this time in my life, I didn’t know that death wasn’t a thing~

On August 12, 2015, I had surgery for a blood clot in my head – thrombosis of some sort – and my life changed drastically at that point. I had actually “died”, but since we don’t really die, I shifted timelines.

I sat down with a notebook and was doing an exercise that I had read on how to get in touch with guides that we all apparently have, so I opened a dialogue and things surfaced. After my guide introduced himself, I asked question after question and it went quickly. I had asked a question [I can’t remember what it was] and his answer was, “run, and don’t stop“.

What will happen if I stop? “you’ll die

Death is not a motivating factor for me to do anything, what else you got? “don’t stop running

I sure as hell wasn’t going to take up exercise, so I let it go, he could show me at a later time if that’s what he wanted. It took almost a year before I understood that, through all of the research and despair and depression I went through in facing myself and what I truly was, what he meant was “never stop searching for answers to who you are”. It had nothing to do with exercise after all. About a month or so ago, I found finally found out who I truly am, and why I’m here. I discovered my purpose. But before that time…

I’d gone through evolution after evolution with psychology, energy, spirits, buddha, jesus… I feel that the figures presented to us, untouchable and unattainable, are distractions if they do not serve the purpose of directing us within ourselves for the answer. There is no reason we should take the word of anyone above our own experience, especially if it comes from anything other than love and reverence for life.

All my life I’ve barely thrived after being dropped into the middle of the ocean to find my way back, but that is apparently what I planned for this life because of what it takes to do what I’m beginning to do now, why I’m here. It turns out that my biological mother and sister, in another life, put a curse on me and I came back to have it resolved. Whether you believe in those sorts of things or not is irrelevant, I lived it and I never want to go through that again. My guide telling me to never stop running or I’ll die was to find the man who cleared that curse. So many times I came close to giving up.

I feel it’s my purpose to live, research and write about the core issues that no one talks about anymore. I will write about many subjects, but I feel strongly about getting back to a reverence for life and what that means. I’m going through an intense healing from my past and the curse, so it may take a year or so to get to the core of my original desire for starting this blog. I’m feeling around in the dark, so bare with me. I may be able to talk about the curse one day and what my life had been like under it, but it’s difficult to put it out into the world right now.

I look forward to those that join me on this journey. The theme will be “looking beneath the surface”.

We will meet many beings that are aspects of who we are on this journey from the illusion of separateness to oneness… I am the aspect of you that wants to wake up.


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