Codes to the Universe aren’t just rules to live by…

Persona August 2016

How to encrypt your construct and live openly in the world.

A cipher is a secret or disguised way of writing; a code.

I feel everything is encrypted around us. Where’s the fun in life anymore.

In 2015 I accidentally found a way to manifest an environment that I wanted to live in and be protected in it. This allowed me to slowly be able to open up with others and not feel the need to guard myself anymore.

While the world is harsh and exposed, we don’t have to be, and even though we can’t change how the world defines safety and security, we can individually construct a comforting and warm place of our own.

If you want to go to sleep tonight and not worry about anything again, I have some codes I’d love to share with you that have never failed to protect me and my things.

How to “encrypt” your construct and live openly in the world:

  1. If I think I’m safe, I will believe I’m safe, I’m safe.
  2. Connecting with the Primary Universal Laws [I call them codes] raises my awareness of how to conduct myself to stay safe.
  3. Surrendering to the forces of Love and Life sustains the high vibrations to keep me there.

To sum up: manifest a safe place, use the universal codes as a gatekeeper and sustain and thrive by living your life from a place of universal Love.


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