Diffusing the chaos and craziness of being an Empath…

Persona December 2016

Diffusing the Chaos and Craziness of being an Empath…

Learning the difference in, and importance of, emotions: When to transmute and when to deal.

As Empaths, it’s difficult at first to determine where everything is coming from and why we are drowning in it. The bottom line is, it’s either coming from an outside influence or from within.

Emotions surround many things… low self-esteem, negative energy [fear, sadness, hopelessness, anger], traumatic experiences, self-doubt, etc., and when we cope, instead of deal, it causes blocks in our energy and ultimately physical and mental health issues.


Mental issues are not necessarily permanent dis-eases. Most times it’s a simple neuroses of something we’ve refused to accept about who we are that’s manifest into such. If we can learn to accept and love whatever it is about ourselves that we couldn’t love before, it will begin to play out on its own, resolve, and we will heal… it’s called expanding your mind. We are taught that things should fit into a box, and when they don’t, they are diseases. My favorite movie that is a perfect example of this playing out is, Lars and the Real Girl [Ryan Gosling].

I had major depressive and anxiety disorder for over a decade simply because I had the limited belief that things had to be good or evil and right or wrong. Letting go of the fact that I had to be so wound tight in order to be “good” and not “evil” healed all of that. I was everything and all of it. The concept of multiplicity was a life-saver because it helped me realize that everything has a purpose. It also helped me realize that how I handle one scenario can change depending on the situation at a later time. There are so many ways to look at doing anything and everything. I just had to let go of the one belief that wasn’t serving my highest good to grab another that would help me move out of that.


Coping with feelings sends them into a “purgatory” state, which is its intended use for traumatic experiences, but it’s not a long-term solution. We ultimately have to deal.

So when we use coping on a daily basis and don’t deal with our feelings, everything begins to feel like an attack because the emotions have to come back around to resolve but we keep coping, they come back around and we are still coping. When we burn out on coping, we get this “me vs. something” mentality and it’s an all out war on ourselves that is completely unnecessary. Your feelings are trying to work with you, it’s you that isn’t working with them. Be gentle and kind, you both really want the same thing – harmony and sanity.

Okay, so negative emotions pop up… what should we do first?

The first question we need to ask ourselves every time is, “Is this me or is it something outside of me?”


OUTSIDE INFLUENCES… and transmuting.

Outside Influences occur when you suddenly feel an emotion and have no logical reason to feel that way. I can tell it’s an outside influence when I’m going about my day and I suddenly feel angry or depressed out of the blue. It’s likely energy from something else around me, not me. On a day-to-day basis, we need to transmute these energies so that they no longer disrupt what we are doing and we can continue our lives.

INNER WORKINGS, SELF-LOVE… and transmuting.

Inner workings present themselves when you have suffered a loss, had a traumatic experience, lost a job, severed relationship [etc.] and you have just cause to feel such deep emotions about it.

These emotions are very important to pay attention to and take care of with time, forgiveness and kindness. They present themselves at the lowest level and, when ignored, escalate from there and ultimately end up manifesting into panic episodes or completely end up controlling you [making you feel crazy].

Inner workings of emotion are yours and they matter greatly. The biggest disservice you could do is minimize what you are going through because “someone else has it worse”. Please don’t ever say that to yourself again. Not only do they matter because they are yours, but your spiritual growth and guiding intuition depend on them. Work on yourself privately and don’t make your spiritual growth anyone else’s responsibility or business, unless the person was called into your life to support you.

When you feel you are giving proper attention to dealing with these deep emotions and they end up making you crazy, obsessive, or irrational, learn to transmute the crazy and make sure not fall back on coping.


  1. Take the emotion and focus it into a black ball that rests between your hands.


  1. Once it’s stabilized there… allow the force of Love to flow from the top of your head and out of your core where the ball rests.


  1. Lower the black ball into the flow and let Love sift and clear all impurities until it’s in a golden, solid state.


  1. The negative energy is now Love energy, release it back to source so it can heal.


*One very important thing is, Bach Flower Remedies. People have mixed feelings on using them, but it’s made a huge difference for me.


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