Emotional and Spiritual Pain: How to let go…

Persona October 2016

Sadness, depression and anxiety have their place in our lives, but to be haunted and oppressed is another story. I once went to a two day seminar and what I learned on handling those intense feelings begs to be shared today…

It’s an exercise that should be done with two people, and the other person should be someone that supports you in your healing, or you can do this in front of a mirror, but you need a counterpart.

Letting Go:

[During this exercise, your counterpart will remain unemotional and unattached to your experience, but sending you loving energy to heal]

  1. Begin talking about the experience that is hurting you. Don’t fight it and explain it in great detail.


  1. In the middle of its intensity, your counterpart will abruptly interrupt you and have you describe something on the wall in great detail [texture, color, etc].


  1. Once you’re calm, your counterpart will interrupt you and ask you to go back to describing the hurt.


  1. Once it reaches its intensity again, your counterpart will abruptly interrupt and have you, again, focus on the same object and describe it until you are calm again…


Your objective is to not rush your own feelings in order to calm yourself. Take your time because you are retraining/recalibrating how you handle dealing with this in the future. This is not an exercise in gaining sympathy from your counterpart, they are not there to rescue you, but support your own healing and take back control of your life.

If you find that this exercise isn’t serving you, you may want to look into deeper aspects of your suffering. Often times it’s because we don’t want to let go, or it could be that we are oppressed by something outside of ourselves, like I was. There are things you can’t do anything about sometimes, but need help with realizing and clearing so you can be yourself again and enjoy life.

If you feel there is something deep going on under the surface, we can figure out what that is, or I know someone who can. With what I know about my own experiences, whatever is happening is likely not going to be new under the sun or so foreign that it can’t be identified and resolved. I needed help in dealing with my own experience tied to my family history.

You have to trust yourself and what you are feeling about it in order to have others help your healing the rest of the way].


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