How to experience Harmony…

Persona November 2016…

Harmony supersedes karma.

The hardest lesson I learned was what it was like to live in a moment in time, all its own.


I was always obsessed with my past and the future, crazy with worry and frustration. I was driving into work one day, losing my shit, and in a single moment, I believe I was given a gift to experience a world with a complete lack of fear or worry. I know now that I was reaping a seed I planted.


That gift was another one of those moments that changed everything. Because of that, I try to plant as many seeds as I can so that I can keep getting these gifts when I need them. I will never stop evolving, but the things that I looked to at that time to hold my fragile world together were, topically, band aid philosophies.


To this day, I don’t discount the value of those band aids, I had a lot of work to do on my thoughts, and that was how I did it, it’s just not okay to stay there.


I needed depth, and what I had just felt was much deeper than anything else. I’m sure the majority of us know what being submerged in a pool is like as a kid… everything stops. Your sibling and her mean friend doesn’t exist, mom and work doesn’t exist, homework doesn’t exist… just your thoughts about it, is all.


Most of us chose to let go and enjoy the serenity. Better yet, create a world within it with our imaginations. That’s exactly what it’s like to live in a moment. You aren’t in debt to anything. We are gifted the opportunity to connect to endless possibilities with what is right in front of us, not wrapped up in the past, but with the ability to dictate our future.


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