The World and the Human Condition… Where do we go from here? We can only fall in love with everything and go from there.

Persona November 2016

I see so many asking when this earth will be done with itself. I’ve wondered that on so many occasions. I can’t help but give up at times and return at a later point. Where do we go from here?


While helping others leaves anyone open to vulnerability and disappointment, it’s also imbibed with healing and connection. My deepest desire is to see the healing of this planet through the ascension of its vibration. We are the only occupants that can successfully do this, but it’s just proven to be too painful to deal with others, so we’ve circumvented the traditional method and have figured out that the assertive are fruitful and everyone who isn’t deserves to be bypassed.

I want to figure out how we can push through pervasive disappointments and derail so that we can move into a state of recovery. The ultimate goal is to take a page from nature, rejoin this program in progress and heal through synergy. Nature has been doing it effortlessly, but we’ve hindered every attempt to see it as an intelligent design and a means to bring us back to global homeostasis.

While that is the ultimate goal, we have so far to go. It’s actually a wonderful time to experience everyone getting fed up, because when you just can’t take it anymore, there’s the opportunity to ignite change. It doesn’t have anything to do with the president, but it does has everything to do with what’s individually going on inside of me and what’s going on inside of you where that connects.

The catalyst to change is so minute that it’s in that thought you just had, which just made a ripple, which just affected everything [the person next to you, what you did next, and what you’ll do after that]. Was it a positive one? If so, that’s all it takes. Think of something else that makes you feel better, that’s another ripple. What about that joke that caught you off guard and made you smile, that’s another. Then that time you and your friend laughed so hard your laugh went silent?

You just shifted off the path you were headed, where something annoying was likely going to happen and make it just that much worse, but instead, you want to call your friend and meet for coffee to relive that hilarious memory – that’s it, that’s all it takes : ) If we keep this up, those bumps will eventually derail you and leave you open to recover and help others to recover, by simply being happy you.

It’s taxing, but think about it… we spend all day thinking of things we don’t like about ourselves and our environment, why not spend all day obsessing about what you love about yourself and your environment – you don’t have to go anywhere or change what you’re eating for lunch to do it.

We have a mindset that being miserable is being productive. People I work with don’t think I do much because I don’t have anything to complain about… in a sense, they are right. I have more time in my day because of where I keep my vibration and my thoughts. It takes so much energy to do otherwise.

Also, if I work at being positive, I burn out really fast, so I just surrender and ‘am’. Fighting over little things in my day seems overrated at this point in my life – instead, I find that there’s a lot more that is worth surrendering for. I hope that makes sense, I don’t know how else to describe it.

I also believe that we give others way more power than we should. Over the last few days, I’ve learned what it means to hold space for myself and others – not just read about it. I literally create an egg around myself when I feel I need to be loved and understood, and I stay until it’s accomplished. In that space, I talk things out and encourage myself, and I send love to things that bother me. Even when holding space for others, regard your own needs as they come up and be kind on all accounts because it opens a forum for both of you to heal.

While we are all healing from hurt, I’d encourage our approach when engaging with one another to reflect a delicate balance of being in the moment with them, collaboration and thoughtfulness. I tend to take things personally, it’s just my nature, but I think that when two or more apply this balance, the outcome can be very different. I don’t think we know how to relate anymore, I know I feel I don’t. I remember being told that we are to grind down our rough edges on one another, and that was what people were, a tool. What others actually are, is a mirror. A reflection of who we are. One of my favorite quotes is, “We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are”.

I don’t know if this is realistic or not, but I try to add to the life of another and, if at all possible, deal with things privately because I have secrets that don’t concern others. We all need them. Giving life to all of my possessions so they could help me with my day used to be one of them.

Fall in love with as many things as possible. Be mindful of your thoughts and make time to laugh, dance, sing and express what it is dormant inside you. It’s not the “so many things I have to do” that keeps me from loving and releasing my own creative force… it’s putting something, or someone else, in front of that need, and only I can change that.



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