We are all connected…

Where my persona was August 2016

We are all connected. We can all communicate with each other through energy.

We can all come into an empowerment to control our own lives, our emotions, and our perspective on what is true, without the influence of what you see around you.

There is only one [of two] force[s] that allows us to do this… Love.

It is a simple concept, but it is NOT what we’ve all thought it was all along. Nowhere close. In order to understand what I’m about to say, you must throw out everything you think you know about it.

We are coming into an age where people are going to begin to get it. It’s happening, and I, for one, am going to talk about it as much as I can. It is also going to change everything, because I am everything, you are everything. I’ve only ever felt this force in its fullest as a child, unconditionally, and sincerely. It is a reverence for all life. Period.


Connecting to Love goes hand in hand with the realization that a force, you cannot contain, wants to flow through you and connect you to everything. It wants you to fall in love with as many things as possible, because it is in love with everything possible. That is its gift, its power and intended use. I can’t fully understand what I’m about to say next, but everything serves a purpose, and it’s not possible to respect that without Love and a reverence for life.

Only you can experience Love [a reverence for life] for yourself, and it isn’t designed for someone else to give that to you – it’s a gift only you can give yourself, and that’s where everything begins, with you. It’s a difficult concept to grasp, but it’s not through logic that you will experience it anyway. We can only begin to open the flow of this force when we move away from the chatter of others and attune to our own feelings and intuition. Believe me, when you begin to discover your truth, others will surface that are like-minded.

Nothing that comes to your mind should be disregarded, it should be paid attention to with priority and followed. I feel that I must mention how important it is to kept this journey of self-discovery to yourself until you can have a solid grasp on what it is you are experiencing, if not, you’ll spiral even more or lose all sense of focus – if you are meant to share, someone will come into your life that you can have a safe space to do that with.

Our approach to this should not be the same approach we lend to a diet… it is a commitment to something bigger than ourselves. An awakening to step outside of the limits of this world and redefine everything in it.

At this very moment, my belief is that it’s likely we are NOT going to understand it in its entirety. It’s a flow and it never stops. It’s almost as if you can’t “experience” it, but surrender to it. It is boundless, expansive, powerful and holy. In order to get that, you’re also going to have to revamp what you think the word “holy” means also. I cannot expound on the purity of its force with any other word. If you seek to channel this life giving force in its intended form, it will open up everything you have ever needed in your life, by simply being [with it]. It’s a profound anchor to manifesting.

This is a lot to take in… I fluctuate between being lucid about this and feeling completely out of my element with the sense of how much it goes against the grain of my metal. All I know is, that operating from this place of Love always brings my desired outcome, because it isn’t about others, it’s about me and my approach to everything I’ve called into existence [manifested for myself].


I have some examples below of how to possibly see this applied.



Thought patterns: Love vs. Fear

Fear – you are subject to the experiences of others. Love – you are subject to your own experience.

Scenario 1:

“Terri! Go fuck yourself”…

“Um, how ’bout ‘fuck YOU buddy'” [fear]

Scenario 2:

“Terri! Go fuck yourself”…

“If I’ve done something to hurt you, it’s my responsibility to apologize and make it right.” [love/reconciling karma]

[These are an example to make my point. Obviously, you shouldn’t stay/contend with toxic others if that’s the scenario]

Another Scenario:

“Why are you so [insert hurtful negative words]?” [fear]

“I’m sorry you feel that way, but I think that is how you are feel about yourself right now. Is there anything you want to talk about/resolve? I’m here to help if I can” [love/reconciling karma]


Remember, there are only two: Love and Fear


This is very new territory for me, but it’s one that has proven true without a doubt, and I didn’t come from “learned responses”. Therapists are an appropriate example of who use learned responses, for legal purposes, they have to. I came from a sense of being present and responding to the situation from that need in that moment in time.


It must also be said that nothing is black and white. I have been working to manifest this Love, but couldn’t manifest it how I needed to until I had a curse removed. Freaky, right? I thought it was something you read about. I’ll go into that another time, unless someone has questions, I’m happy to answer what I know at this stage. I am determined to devote my time in learning more about it, but for now, it’s lifted and I can manifest with more clarity. Bev, I’ll talk with you more about this one-on-one, but if anyone knows anything about curses, or knows someone who does know, please send them my way. I won’t friend request someone I don’t know, but if they can message me that they are your friend, I’ll friend them. I am pretty passionate about this topic since it’s hit so close to home for me.


In conclusion, I want to assure you that this age of experiencing Love is GOING to happen, so don’t get frustrated if it gets overwhelming, whatever you can to help raise the vibration is what matters – intent. There are those set in place for this specific time to ensure that it manifests. I believe I am here for that purpose because that truth resonates with me, and it took me time to stabilize with that resolve but it is my truth, so. I don’t remember a time where I’ve felt that I belonged here, and I knew I wasn’t truly indigenous.


I must mention and give heartfelt gratitude to a friend for working through the curse with me, and helping me see the potential in myself of who I am and how to slowly find and follow my path.


There aren’t words to describe being free from a curse unless you have experienced it – and I’d never wish this for anyone over any dispute, hurt, control or jealousy – basically all bi-products of a fear-based mentality. I’ve been fortunate to find this person to be there when it does surface again, or when I have questions or feel alone in this journey.


Because of what we have been indoctrinated to believe our whole lives, we have to keep in mind that, we will vacillate between sense and nonsense because everything we have perceived is changing, and that’s always grounds for instability. Be kind to yourself and others. We are all operating from our own level of consciousness.


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