We are the creators of our experience…

Where my persona was November 2016…

The most beautiful story of all isn’t in print, it’s what’s being created right now, and right now and right now and right now, right now, and now… it’s in THIS second, not a second ago or the next one.

Everything can change for you right this second.

There is no past, only memories of the past, but I can change the past by what I do with this moment – I can rewrite my entire story if I wanted to, and I have many times. I have no debt to the past. I need not worry because now changes everything.

This concept pertains to creating new outcomes, not disregarding responsibility in your life.

Right now, you are living the life of your dreams, and if you are not happy, go inward and look at your core beliefs and desires, there’s the culprit. It’s not your surroundings; it’s your core manifesting what you are now seeing.

It takes strength and courage to become introspective and change what you find you don’t want anymore. Becoming introspective means foregoing the influence of others on what you decide is of value and replacing it with what you discover meets your needs in order to thrive and live your truth. What this looks like is, you… sitting alone with yourself and asking very hard questions and then wait… wait… wait for the answers and when they come, acting on those answers despite logic and everything else. It’s leaping and trusting in that inner knowing that this is the right thing to do, and that this is what you’ve been waiting for in your life all along.

As you do this over and over, you can go deeper into your core and change everything. Your core is this conference room where everything is decided, where everything is discussed and where everything is set in motion to manifest what’s been decided there, you will begin to see everything you are experiencing right now change. You will begin to understand that it’s where you and the universe hash out everything and, that whatever you ask for, the universe will conspire to give you – unbiased. Just remember, the universe does not correct your mistakes, it just makes it happen.

This is our design. This is life.

Life is the act of creation and death is only the further advancement of that creation. We don’t die; we shift timelines to fulfill our purpose until we get it right… over and over and over. That’s why we experience Déjà vu, we’ve been there many times to get it right. People fear physical death and allow themselves to be distracted by something that doesn’t exist because we are simply transitioning into other states of being each time. There is no entity waiting to judge us. We are accountable to ourselves and karma, but when we get it right, harmony transcends that karma. There is no good or bad/right or wrong, only cause and effect. Succumbing to the judgment of anything other than ourselves is less than who we are. We aren’t here to be good in hopes for a reward someday; we are here to be in service to each other’s spiritual growth at the level of consciousness we are operating from in order to work out our own obligations. We chose our lives before we came here, and that is the purpose of life, to remember who we are and recreate everything we see according to our own desires. We aren’t meant to live our lives limited and in fear.

An example of this is the scarecrow effect: I was driving down the road in a residential area and there was a device that measures your speed and tells you what that speed is. If you go over a certain speed, it flashes at you. If you exceed 10mph it flashes blue and red [simulating the lights of a police car that’s pulled you over to give you a ticket] How do I know this? Not going to lie, I enjoy the thought of pushing it there in hopes it will blow a fuse]. I am unable to put into words how annoying it is to drive 20mph in a 30mph because people are paralyzed with the fear because of this thing.

All I could see was this picture of a scarecrow in a field duping crows into fearing for their own safety when there is no danger. And the arrogance of it all – crows are simply doing what they were designed to do. Speeding devices aren’t clever, but a bit insulting. It’s designed for people who don’t abide by them [nor do they really care] anyway, and the rest simply can’t think for themselves and overcompensate, so it ups the ante from insulting to absurdity.

I’m not advocating breaking the law, I’m simply stating the overrated status of being a law abiding citizen at the expense of being innately what we are designed to be, which is for me to decide. I’m astounded and grieved by what we allow others to impose on us.

Sans chaos, take a stand and embrace yourself as you are and push the boundaries of what you are capable of when left to your own devices. It’s worth figuring out what that means because there is something amazing waiting, believe me, this world isn’t it. The standard is inside you. It’s a world where you don’t need to be told what to do, because you are already doing it, and this frees up all of your time to focus on what is important – your purpose.

The fear of being pulled over doesn’t inspire love. Choosing to be as courteous and safe as you can because you value yourself and others is what inspires love. Striving to be perfect is not Love, just being who you are and living your truth is what inspires Love. Life isn’t about rules, it’s about freedom. If you can’t learn how to free yourself from this world, then you will always be bound by the rules in it. Stop and ask yourself what you think and question things. It’s really okay to do your own thing entirely. Unplug and ask yourself what inspires love [in yourself and others], and if you can be a part of changing the world, simply by changing yourself.


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