Letting our bodies do what they need to do…

Where my persona is today…

Our bodies are in the 3rd and 4th dimensional manifestations of our soul. Through our bodies, our soul gets things done because what we do in this dimension makes more of an impact than what we can do on the astral levels. I’m still learning this first-hand, but I will write what I know and from the perspective I experience it.

There are so many species of beings out there… star seeds, fae, nymphs, humans, etc., so we will have differences in some of our experiences, but merge in others. Since our bodies are these manifestations of our higher selves, we should recognize and connect to our souls and allow it to accomplish unity and purpose within us.

What I mean by “let it do what it needs to do” is, anytime we need to express something, we should just do it, but with fun and joy. Sometimes my body wants me to wave my arms or twist, so I do and it moves stagnant energy I didn’t know I had and I’m happy. If we fight ourselves we accomplish nothing. Doing simple things that your body asks will make it easier to hear your soul ask you to do things in order to work out your karma, heal or grow. If we deny these things about ourselves, we backlog our own growth and understanding of how things truly are. We deny ourselves truth.

I’ve written about where all of our energy and creativity lies, and that’s at the source of who we are… the seat of our soul/higher selves. Our source is our busy little workshop that makes everything we see possible. Our battles are worked out in the shop, not in our daily/waking lives. Our souls have planned out our day and when we resist the things that happens in it, all we do is steal energy from our source and begin wearing ourselves out. That’s why we are so tired all the time and we can’t change our lives that way.

The situations we face during the day were created specifically for you and no one else. Everything was created beforehand in your workshop and is perfectly timed and we see the right outcome if we stick to the plan. If we ever want to change what we see, it begins with our thoughts and our beliefs on the matter that then goes to the drawing board of our workshop and is hashed out from there. A woman today bought a scale that measures weight and said she’s thinking skinny, or something to that effect. A scale is only going to confirm what we are already thinking and believe about ourselves… “we are overweight and need to lose weight” and that is what it represents. It’s the thoughts that lead up to that, the thoughts that I chose that begin to awaken my consciousness about things. These thoughts could look like this… “I use way too many disposable things [coffee cups, tissue], I should find a way to use a handkerchief instead [or a washable travel cup]”. That leads me to feeling better about who I am, so I begin to understand that certain foods aren’t helping me feel good about myself, so I change how I look at food, and my garbage, and then it just grows from there and all of a sudden, my whole lifestyle has changed for the better. That is such a leap from buying a scale to get skinny, because life is a lifestyle, not a short-term fix or goal.

Waking up each day is my soul resetting my fuckups and hoping I get it right today. Everything is planned out, I just need to trust that everything’s okay and choose peace and harmony with it. There is nothing I need to fight for, I just need to be available and work with my soul to accomplish what it’s telling me to do at that time it tells me to do it. Just go about my day and be available.

When my soul says, “You should do that 15 minute yoga thing you did the other day when you get home tonight”, and if I go home and do it, bam, accomplished. When it says, “Hey, instead of being afraid of your anger right now, why don’t you let it go with them and take this to your desk and let’s square this away together”. Accomplished, done. It takes less effort, time and energy to work together, than to fight. I believe that there is more that is worth surrendering for than fighting for. Every time I chose to fight myself, it gets put back on the drawing board to deal with over and over.

My focus in life isn’t anything more than this. It’s just today… and it’s just this moment.

It’s a beautifully orchestrated piece if we can flow with the music of our life and not feel guilty about it. Anytime we feel fear, our soul will give us the answer if we ask.


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