Creating a permanent magnetic heart for the ferromagnetic moments in our lives…

There’s not enough coffee right now…

Why is the largest cup that Dazbog offers 16 oz [it is the best coffee]? We commit to so many things in our day that are vastly less healthy, is it so much to ask for a Big Gulp coffee…

The matter at hand…
I’m going to experiment with something. Right now, I’ve created a permanent magnetic heart that can pull together all of the ferromagnetic moments in my life where I am fully immersed in assertive gentleness, or patience, or strength, or temperance and stability [while submerged in Love].

I’ve pulled the string of time into a vertex at my heart and watched all of those moments shoot towards me and I hold them there.

While I was pinning the string, a loop came out. The loop didn’t rotate, but was stationary. I want to say that the words revolved in the thread of the loop, but I’m pretty sure they didn’t and my mind was compensating for what it thought should happen and the only way it could explain the word “loop”.

All in all, the experiment was totally worth it. I felt all of what I could at once and I got to flex my scientific muscle with what I know, and what I want to create and know.


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