A study was done to see how easily influenced people really are in conforming to their environment. The stage was set by placing a guy in a wait room where people came and went for auditions. Each time a monitor would ding, his job would be to stand up and then sit back down [no eye contact and no talking], to see if another would do it. It only took seeing this guy do it once before they began doing it themselves, and no one questioned anything. The guy who staged this eventually left, and the person continued doing it while others came in, and it caught on after the first time, and still, no one questioned anything.

Unless you are thinking for yourself and understand that there aren’t consequences for doing so, you have a handler and your mind is not your own. What we think are “consequences” doesn’t even exist in the bigger scheme of things. It only exists in the 3d level, where everyone is a drone and time means everything to the meaning of their day – everything in their life is dictated by times they have to be somewhere and accomplish something in. Military, government, corporate jobs are all examples of drone work. Clock in, clock out, don’t ask questions.

We’ve all seen people controlled by others, it’s pretty common because we’ve all [at one point or another] given up our own right to be an individual for the sake of income or acceptance. There comes a point in time where you will question everything about this [hopefully], and begin to understand that doing what you want, when you want to do it, brings so much more freedom and you move out of the way of answering to anyone for anything. And when you get the hang of that, you move up another level and then another. It’s called personal mastery, because you can’t move up until you’ve mastered where you are. The ultimate goal is to rule your life independently of any outside influence, while working collectively towards accomplishing what you came here to do.

I was so inspired to read that the women in France were going on strike until they received the same income as men for the same jobs. While it’s not the feminine aspect that makes me proud, it’s the fact that an entire group of people banned together for what they believed was worth holding out for, and gaining leverage to redefine something that was no longer working for them, and fear was not an option.

If all of us banned together and stopped working in order to pursue our dreams instead, it would put us at a tremendous advantage to call the shots and define what our lives will be like and what is truly important in life. Imagine if we banned together and relied on ingenuity to meet the needs of others instead of what we are doing now…

Working for any company at this point in time is exactly what having a handler is representative of. Working for others goes against our very human nature to help and Love by design.

If I could, I’d use the technique I did this morning [permanent magnetic heart for the ferromagnetic moments in our lives blog] to pull all of our time lines together and attract the very moment when we get this concept, and have it happen simultaneously now… and then grab the popcorn.


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