An Empaths Journey out of Victimhood… Desensitization Training

There are two types of empaths

One easily identifies, has the ability to move through, and overcomes situations where everything and everyone seems like an attack on who they are, what they believe, and how they respond in life without it breaking them. The other has not yet discovered how to move out of the feeling of being a victim to it all of it, which is a very valid response [suffering with the ones who suffer] when we first realize we are empaths, or until we realize it.

Empaths deal with so many emotions, that we drown in them if we cannot see them for what they are and allow ourselves to move through and with them.

Being sensitive is never a curse, having our abilities is never a curse… our inability to mature in our abilities is the curse.

One huge part of our maturity is gaining control over our weakness in regards to suffering. There is suffering everywhere, but it’s not in our nature to stand idly by and watch, nor is absorbing all of the disturbances something that is easy to deal with, but we must.

Desensitization to the things that disturb us the most is very important to push through because it is one of the only ways we can push ourselves out of victimhood, and into our true power. Desensitization will not make you any less of an empath, fearing something will. The goal is fearlessness that has merged with ultimate love and the power to heal.

We have to realize that fearlessness about things isn’t insensitivity or callousness, it’s courage to face life. There is no way I would ask advice, or get healing, from someone who had no confidence in themselves… would you?

It will be difficult at first, but you should watch, read or encounter, as many uncomfortable things as you can to take the shock out of it so that it has no more hold over debilitating you again. If we don’t, we will be victims our entire lives and tragically ineffective in fulfilling our purpose.

The process of desensitizing, in a controlled environment and with preparedness, moves empaths out of the traps of feeling hopeless, despondent, and powerless. Once you can master controlling when you see the things that disturb you and how you can work with your feelings about it, doubt and fear will be replaced with empowerment to handle it when it comes up again, but it’s an ongoing process to work on until it catches something inside of you and takes on it’s own power from there to keep you where you need to be… which ultimately in control of yourself, your environment and any variables that try and change it.


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