Baseline Nutritional Structure for Weaning off of Food – All Plant-Based [02 – Implementing Nutrients as a Sustainable Baselines for Spritual Empowerment]

Baseline Nutrition Structure for Weaning off of Food… All Plant-Based
It must be preficed that, before I can optimize the benefits of what I’m doing, I must address the parasites that are living in my body and have them evacuated so they aren’t stealing all of the nutrients.
I’m taking a treatment for 15 days to rid them, along side with what I’m already doing nutritionally. I feel tremendous control over myself, I don’t feel fat or frumpy or in a fog, and I just feel better overall – everything is outlined below, and with monthly cost…
The preliminary cost to begin is $300 the first month.
The monthly cost for to sustain this lifestyle is $260/month.
I was spending $15/day on healthy food that wasn’t doing anything for my mood or overall health. I will still be spending $450 a month just on groceries alone [add to that supplements, dessert, eating out, etc…. then medical bills to try and fix the damages of what you’re eating and drinking].20170113_145544
Temporary Prep Items: [first month only]
-ParaSmart [rids parasites, 15 day treatment]
-Sprouts Super Fiber Tabs – Psyllium Husks [you have to wean off food, so you will take this pill twice a day as you wean, and when you’re off solid food, you will take twice a day for 3 days afterwards to ensure solid food is evacuated and not absorbed back into the body]
-Avocado or Coconut Oil [goes in coffee or take with pills] to assist with the adjustment period of stomach acidity, if needed.
Long-Term Baseline Nutrition:
-GREEN SUPERFOOD: You will take this once every hour you are awake to keep a balance of nutrients in your body [eliminates and replaces hunger because your body has what it needs]. You can alter this to do 2 pills every 2 hours, but in the beginning, I needed it to be every hour until my body adjusted to constantly getting nutrients instead of food as filler. Remember, this is about balance, not implementing the same concept of “eating meals”. It isn’t that difficult because it is the same concept of cueing yourself to drink water often and go to the bathroom. Not such a leap. Sync those activities with when you take your pill, easy.
$40 = 15 days
Monthly Total $80
-MULTIVITAMIN: 1/day [coenzymated/women]
$15 = 30 days
Monthly Total $15
-PROTEIN: I have one scoop [twice a day] for the first month to give my body time to adjust, then afterwards, just one scoop a day…
in coffee or almond milk.
Vibrant Health Pro Matcha [protein + matcha tea – 22g Protein]
$40 = 15 day serving
Montly Total $80
or [I alternate]
Vibrant Health Maximum Vibrance [20g Protein]
[same regime, twice a day at first for a month, then once a day after]
$60 = 15 days
Monthly Total $120
-COFFEE $15/mo
Any of these can be mixed to create something sweet.
Real cherries [1cup has 19 carbs], but balance the carbs out with a lot of fat… olive oil, goat cheese, hazelnuts, coconut oil. 1 cup of pumpkin has 8 carbs… buy quality cacao 75% or more and mix any of these combinations with almond milk or coconut milk.
[This combination of baseline nutrition covers the following: nutrition, antioxidants, probiotics, fiber, health, digestion, circulation, immune support, detox, stress relief, energy, pH, life preservers, tonics, liver support skeletal support, adaptogens… all encompasing]
I don’t deny myself anything. If I feel I want something, I just weigh it with an old habit or if it’s a necessity. All of the thoughts I’ve had about wanting a certain food at a certiain time boils down to just habit and wanting to feel comforted. This is what needed to change.
While you should clear your body of food, you can supplement the weaning phase with pure forms of an avocado, boiled egg, chi seeds, olive oil or banana. The rest is resetting your cues to eat by drinking holistic tea, or coffee with protein in it/olive oil or water instead. If you feel you want to take a superfood green pill instead, feel free to do so. It’s not going to hurt you to do this, but remember, we need to get rid of these cues that make us panic because we aren’t eating. It’s reprogramming to accommodate our new nutritional needs. Like smoking or sweets, you must mentally train your mind to get control of itself.
The benefits I’m getting from this far outweigh the frumpy fog of being a zombie and lack of freedom I’ve experienced. I can now begin “moving” where I’m want and am open to good, clean, and rightious ways of thinking and manifesting.
It’s cognitive benefits are incredible and my abilities to protect myself are exponential. I found this out last night when I was with this guy who was trying to influence me for hours and it never affected me. I was completely safe until I chose to leave, and when I was good and ready to. I can’t describe it. It’s totally worth it and I’m staying with it.
We can only do our best…
If you choose to do this, but must eat at least once a day, it’s really all about how we see our lives and what we allow to control it. This regime works for me, I don’t work for it, if that makes sense, and that’s the goal with everything in our lives, nothing should be there that isn’t serving us, we should never work for things because we create everything. Going all the way and not eating isn’t for everyone, but honestly, it could be.
It’s all about our perceptions on breaking the illusions in our lives so we can become successful, free thinking, and let the proof speak for itself.
I personally don’t see how doing what everyone else is doing anymore is a benefit to any aspect of our lives, but nothing worth doing is popular with the masses. They take the easy way out all the time. Living with nutrients is insanely easier than dealing with food, any day, we just don’t know it.

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