Is eating food an illusional necessity? [01 – Implementing Nutrients as a Sustainable Baselines for Spritual Empowerment]

Is food really an illusional necessity, and can the necessity for food be nothing but a distraction?
Food has taken on a life of its own and is consuming our lives with worry, doubt and financial strain… couple it with medical expenses and immovability to be within a healthy weight range naturally and the cycle of it all does nothing but weaken our hope in something better.
Our entire perception on what food is and what it does needs a serious renovation, and it’s up to us to take control of our own health and well-being.
It’s everywhere that we aren’t getting enough nutrients but we are eating more and more of food. Everything that is readily available and within cost to most of society is indescribably toxic to our bodies and we don’t realize how low our vibrations run, or how dead we really are to the things we can truly do because our perception of food and all the things associated with it is keeping us there.
If this is indeed true, and I believe it is, I think an alternative method is in order, and it isn’t conventional, but neither is awakening and following your dreams. It’s par for the course, and if you’re willing to understand that our vibrations will remain always remain as limited and restricted as our thoughts dictate, our desires dictate, and what we put in our bodies dictate.
Right now, most of us are energy cows and we operate at a very low, zombie-like level. We go with the motions and don’t question anything, mostly because we don’t have the energy, clarity or ability to connect to our higher selves because we are full of toxins and lethargic in getting motivated to.
Food, this stuff that doesn’t have the capacity to meet a whole and balanced need, is percieved as a necessity to life, when the truth is, nutrients are the necessity to life. We are told that we have to have all of this food in a day, and that it’s still not enough, so we must supplement it with all of these other things as well. Not only do we pay for food, eat it and have to take nutritional supplements, we also must take more supplements to counteract what the food is doing negatively to our bodies.
I’m going to take a leap and say, “Put nutrients in your body, not food”. If we deal with the source, the nutrients themselves, we get it right and are done with it. No medical bills, no wasted food, no more toxins in our bodies. It’s optimal.
What I discovered last night, after thinking for a decade about it, is that it could be possible to sustain on plant-based vitamins, superfood greens, protein powder, and some other key players, in order to move out of being a slave to these so-called needs.
The idea that I’m proposing is that, by changing what we put into our bodies altogether, we will reduce the time it takes to heal [physically and spiritually] and streamline our journey to move forward with our abilities effortlessly, and with no lag due to outside influences. Time superceeds outside influences, but outside influences can negatively affect what we do while we are waiting.
In essence, it’s a process to further remove eating food [as we have come to know about it] and the unhealthy habits tied to so that it no longer negatively controls our moods, time, finances, and overall outlook on life. I truly believe that, by detoxing and redirecting our body’s proclivity to want the right things, it will be huge in moving forward with where we go next and open up so much more potential inside us.
I just began weaning off of food on Monday and following the regime discussed with a physician, so it will take time to scientifically provide evidence that what I’m replacing food with is going to be a sustainable and healthy means of accomplishing everything I’m setting out to do, but here’s the methodology on why I identified what’s going on, and why I needed to do this:
The concept that this entire experiment is based on consists of the scientific fact that when we are hungry, our body is asking for nutrients, not food. When we have the right nutrients, we will not feel hungry.
Food is not a nutrient, it is a composite of very little nutrients and a lot of other things [beneficial or not] that our bodies truly do not need to process through. I believe that this is why we have such a weight problem, along with the contributions our perception of our own bodies manifest.
If food had everything, why are we told that we still need vitamins and probiotics and this and that… it doesn’t seem to end and there’s not enough time in the day to meet the requirements with the lives that we live, so why is food taking over our lives like it is?
We are told that it’s normal and part of life…
Add to that the cravings, which are usually satisfied with more toxins that our body doesn’t need. In all honesty, cravings do not associate to food at all. When our bodies are getting the proper nutrients, we don’t experience cravings, and a cake or bagel has no pursuasion one way or another over you, the same as seeing a pen or a stapler would.
What you are feeling when you “crave” something is really an emotional or spiritual need that needs to be met. The word craving was designed as a mask for what is actually your body signalling [intuitively] that something has come up and needs to be resolved, not fed.
To go further, cravings aren’t really a thing, you should want or don’t want and be done with it. Another variance on the use of the word craving could mean that something is influencing you to want something you don’t need, usually something to avoid [situation, action]. With practice, you’ll know the difference in needing something because your body tells you so, or if you’re being influenced into thinking you need something.
When our nutritional needs are being met, these cravings [distractions] will dissapate and our intuition can begin to surface. This allows us to now resolve our needs appropriately, not feed them.
Think about things, don’t just go along with them… It’s good for marketers to sell the word “craving” in order to trigger and associate the need to hunt and gather for food with it, and that is what keeps your mind so primitive… word conditioning and associations that don’t exist, but we give power to. When our nutritional needs are being met, our body can begin to distinguish between whole and fake for intake and those things you no longer have a for, but we have to work with our bodies to do this.
Unless it’s your profession or hobby, how often do you think about eating, snacking, cooking, groceries and cravings? Answer, it’s a lot. So much so, that when you get to the point I’ve gotten over the last 3 days of going off of food, it has no more power over you and you can step back and see what it does to people. It alters our behavior drastically. I see it, and not only are the nutrients I’m taking freeing up all of my time, anytime there is food laying around, I don’t want it and I don’t desire it because it is a bit disgusting. It’s a perspective changer for sure, but I’m so glad I am doing it. After only 3 days, I feel like I can see differently already and my mood is pretty stable so far. I don’t wake up in pain with my shoulders or neck anymore and I sleep deeply at night with these nutrients in my system. I’m keeping a journal, so I’ll share my findings.
To continue, I believe that sugars and carbohydrates are directly connected to the sense of how we experience time throughout our day and whether it is on cue or lagging. Every time we have these poisons, it will alter our perception of time and the present in order to keep us focused on the past or future, so the precious time we do have is squandered – back to just being an energy cow, or a hamster running on a wheel. Being in the present is the only way we can accomplish everything. Healthy people have limiteless time to do things, unhealthy people can’t ever seem to accomplish anything, and instead, everything is compounded.
This is my intuitive view: while whole foodies see processed and fast food as a terrible thing to put in your body, I see most whole foods [especially meat] as a potential, spiritually, terrible thing to put in your bodies.
I base this on the instability of medical journals and what is good from one year to another. Everything shifts, everything is changing. There are no fixed variables because our mind creates it all and it’s as individual as we are, and it feels like everyone who talks about it can’t get a grasp on it anyway, but that’s another can entirely.
So, what I think is beneath the surface of all of this is an iceberg and it’s up to each persons interpretation of it, but here’s mine.
What I do know is, our bodies recognize plan-based substances and enzymes and break those down with no problem. Even at whole food stores, and especially at any other type of grocer, the food is processed with things that aren’t friendly to our bodies, and with the exchange that goes into getting a prodcut to you, it makes it easier [albeit unintentional sometimes] to introduce your body to any and everything.
Our bodies can’t process everything it’s introduced to, so it begins to store it as fat and you simply carry around all of these toxins. Some toxins/chemicals are evacuated, but a lot are retained. These toxins make us feel incredibly miserable and it infiltrates our outlook on life and our ability to deal with anything and fucks with our ability to manifest what we want because our baseline is misery, and how we feel is what and how we attract.
With all scientific experiments, adjustments will be made to things that aren’t healthy along the way, so I’ll keep you posted if you’re interested in what this is about, and making it your own. I think it would be beneficial to do this at all levels, but to each their own.
This lifestyle that I’ve adjusted to quite fast, actually, includes being mindful of what my body needs and listening to that, as well as cutting down/out the need for food by implementing and introducing only what my body needs through carefully planned out supplements for optimal nutrition, ingesting oils, apple cider vinegar, the occasional whole egg to balance out digestive acidity, and I will adjust the rest as I go along, but I have no real cravings or need to eat… just the occasional mental adjustments when I would routinely eat to rewire and I’m fine [I drink water instead and don’t train my mind to reject anything, just accept new ways of doing things]. I do drink a lot of water, holistic tea and coffee throughout the day to help with the oral fixation of things..
I don’t think I will go back to eating after what I know about the last 5 days and my body’s response to how healthy and spiritually grounded I feel, including my moods having been stabalized and my focus is clear. I’m excited about what will come of this with more time and adjustments to make it sustainable.
I didn’t want to talk about it at first, but there’s something to this, and it’s powerful beyond just our perception of food and eating, and I can’t wait to see what is going to come out of this.
Love, Life and Light.

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