Life is beauty and love. It’s a result of us taking those two things and creating our moments with them…

I’m watching a show and the character [a psychic] said, “… because I’m a fraud. People come to me looking for miracles and there are none to be had.”
This got me thinking… beneath the surface of this, there is tremendous truth in that. There are no miracles to be had in life. Synchronicities, healings, financial gain and anything we interpret as bringing us stability is created on our behalf, by our soul, or we create it here. It is intentional, not coincidental.
When we think there’s no way out unless a miracle comes our way, we devalue and perish in ourselves.
There are no miracles in life, only manifestations of the seeds we’ve planted or didn’t plant. Life, itself, is the product of us taking beauty and love and working that to make everything that is righteous, holy or pure [whichever word we choose to describe it].
We shouldn’t seek, or subscribe to the belief that miracles give our lives meaning because it is misleading that the answers lie outside of our own design. Those moments that make you laugh, those memories with the people you care about and everything else we handle throughout our entire day… it’s been us the whole time.

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