Healing with the purpose of coexisting…

Those who are at war with others are not at peace with themselves – William Hazlit
The balance of life lies in the understanding that nature usurps all of what we’ve created for ourselves. Whether we chose to believe or not, we coexist with other dimensional beings… we feel and see them, there’s no denying this. And if we can acknowledge and respect them, we will coexist peacefully because we all have a purpose here.
In addition to this, the battles we face are within, not without, and our hearts are trying to heal and show us how. It just so happens that others reflect every aspect of who we are, and we are angry because we cannot [are blinded to], or chose not to [are too afraid to], take responsibility and accept that it’s okay that we are not perfect, or admit that we have lost our way. We must accept that everything is perfect the way it is, and that we are not alone. Shifting our focus to accepting these two concepts will begin the healing process.
One component to healing is giving up control of what you see and the manner it conducts itself [nature and other beings]. It’s basic knowledge that you can’t stop one thing unless you begin another, so let go of control and surrender to what is beneath the surface of what you see and join the flow. Just let go, and forget understanding ‘why’ for a while.
Another component is respecting all of life and finding a reverence in its purpose, which has nothing and everything to do with you.
And another is finding power within yourself again, remembering who you are, and ruling from within. Communication with life around us is non-verbal.
Another is calling a soul into your life [or your soul family] to help you heal where you cannot navigate for yourself. Your biological family is not equipped to do this. This tool is very powerful and you must call souls for the purpose you need them from a place of control, centerdness and positivity. If you make a soul call from a place of desperation or fear, you will attract things that thrive on keeping you there. You are responsible for whatever you call into your life, you have been, automatically, on a daily basis, so make it count for your good now that you know what is happening.
None of this can be accomplished until we each know what self-love is and feel it for ourselves above anyone else. Love is the foundation of everything this life is built upon and it keeps us safe.
It’s time we heal and remember who we truly are. A good place to start is by questioning everything, and then following the trail to get answers. Along the way, if you’re not falling in love with everything in your life, you’re doing it wrong.
~Looking Beneath the Surface Blog

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