Love Confounded or Unlocked…

When we’ve had no one to take care of us our entire lives… we tend to find it very lonely as adults.

There are two obvious options:

1. Allow the ideas we’ve developed as children to dictate our realities as adults – forever isolating us from the true experience of connection, love and freedom because it hurt too much then and it hurts so deeply now. We are entitled to forever be alone with this thinking to guide us, but just know that when we say, “no one has ever loved me”, it’s not true, it is only a reflection that we have not discovered how to love ourselves just yet, but it’s never too late.


2. Let go. Find your heart and open it all the way. And then find those few that you can fall head over heels in love with, as they fall right back in love with you. Falling in love is true love, not a romantic one. I don’t believe there is truth in romantic relationships sustaining anyone, at all. We have so much to give everyone. We must commit to our spiritual growth, not another human being, or one direction experiences. There are so many avenues to explore and we gain more and more by exploring as many as possible, gathering people to us along the way, not saying goodbye.

What we are destined to experience is love for all, in its purest form. Do not open your heart to things that are not in their purest form; however, please DO show the highest love you have for yourself in the midst of others. It is not wise to show others love without first knowing what that is like to have it for yourself.

THE CONCEPT OF LOVE is confounded by those who prostitute it to others. Those that say they can give someone else love is confused and decieved, and it is by hustling that it is siphoned from others.

THE MYSTERY OF LOVE is unlocked to the counfounded heart when our act of love is directed towards loving ourselves. End of story.

In time this makes sense. It is not love we give to others, it is them seeing us love ourselves that transforms everyone and everything. We must only show others understanding and compassion. I’m referring to those around us, not those we hold dear. We are to be available examples of what pure love looks like in how we treat ourselves in the midst of everyone, AT ALL TIMES.

By doing this, ALL THE TIME, the door for someone else who’s been searching will appear so that they can go and do for themselves. Those that don’t want to do for themselves only have the motivation to take yours. These mindsets are NOT BAD. It just is.

And as “it is what it is”, I am what I am. I don’t tolerate someone taking the love I have for myself for themselves. I’m selfish that way. I have one person in my life that I will give my heart to and she is very special to me. She has stuck in there with me for over two decades and has more than shown me she is loyal and forgiving when it comes to the stupid things I’ve done. So, someone who shows up and says they can “love” me doesn’t hold a candle to that, but time always tells a story clearly.

Never give yourself away. Only give yourself as an example and be kind.