End the Trauma of Your Past

Go Deeper.
End the trauma of your past so you can be present. The present is where the real work begins.
I will fall and I will listen… I will stand strong and listen still.
I will not get down on my knees and pray or beg to another. I will to not open myself to the many outside influences offered in this day and time. The abominations lurking in a once sacred place, I will not lend my attention.
In a time of need, and in times of good, I will fall and heed my own voice and guidance. I listen to myself, and I act only upon that voice… the only voice desperately willing to speak to me in truth among so many that do not. This is the way, individuality, in a time of non-disclosure and forced conformity into very dark alleys. These alleys are traps and energetic loops of despair.
Rendering my focus to anything other is to consent to my own demise. It is to shift ownership of my power and energy into the hands of others that do not know their own way, and into the hands of entities that need not be fed.
The more I relinquish my will (through not understanding what my will is and what it can do, and to whom it needs to be guarded against), I cannot get it back after it’s too late.
Consorting with energies and powers outside of my will, consciousness, and spirit is what causes this to happen. Consulting spirit guides, paying for readings, allowing psychics and others to entertain your curiosities is dangerous business. And that’s all it is, a business. A small branch of a larger whole. Everyone answers to something in this line of work, they just don’t know it. I would think again in keeping my resources and money out of this cycle of activity. The stronger the bond, or pull, you feel to someone, the more dangerous it is. When connecting spiritually to these people, or allowing someone to connect to you, the easier the manipulation and draining of resources. It’s a methodology that is a clever one.
Preternatural exchanges outside of ourselves fills our heads and minds with nonsense and distractions. There is no social “norm” anymore, so you must keep vigilant to what is contrary to your specific “norm” to gauge any offense happening within your sphere.
Protect yourself. And the means by which you protect yourself, you will use this means to cast protection on behalf of others against your own negativity in kind. (For example… I cast a circle of protection (white light, black spikes, &tc.) around myself. I use the concept of a mirror to those with whom I come in contact that harbor any negativity and misunderstanding towards me that it is reflected back to the person cutting off the seed at its source. The same applies to me. I protect others from my own negativity and misunderstanding so that it comes back to me to resolve and send back to source, to avoid thought forms becoming misguided and attacking agents of their own.)
Any information readily available is not to be a source of guidance and study. You must go deeper, and it’s your journey to figure out what that is. We are warriors, so you must study disturbing subjects to know what is opposing our true nature of sovereignty, autonomy and godship at this time. The enemy inside you ultimately becomes the ally. The opposition outside of you, is not your ally. If you are a true student of what any of I’m saying means, then I’m grateful.

Our Souls have Stories to Tell

“Storytelling… that is the true flower of free will, at least, as you’ve (humanity) mastered so far. When you create stories, you become gods of tiny, intricate dimensions unto themselves. So many worlds…”
“It’s your choice, that’s what it’s all been about, the choices your kind makes, but you’re gonna have to weigh that choice and ask yourself, “What is it going to take to do this?” and “What will the world be like after it’s done?””
To be master of the world (i.e. my world), I get to tell my version of how I see it because it’s my story to tell. This “push” to think and behave in any manner contrary to my own autonomous source of belief in who I am, what I say, and what I choose to act upon cannot be fed.
Along with having studies that helped me reconstruct my core beliefs, I have the laws of nature that guide me as I live to do my own thing, what I came here to do. This means when I feel like it, and how I choose to conduct myself doing it. At any time in my life, I get to say no, and I get to say yes. The simplest methodology of how to decide which one lies in the question, “Is this going to further support attaining my dream and what I’m here to accomplish for myself?”.
I left everything in 2017 to follow a path not laid out for me and I will never regret that decision. It has been scary and lonely at times, but it’s also brave and honorable. There are no instructions, so dream realization and how to get there is a vast spectrum that depends on the individuals imagination and comfort level in their own storytelling.
I woke from a dream once that alluded to a war that began because a the daughter of a god fell in love with a man. The implications of this dream showed the bigger picture of why a certain war had happened. Our dreams answer through pictures, it’s up to us to grasp the bigger picture of why. Our disclosure system has been compromised, so referring to a history book for answers is not an option. I have to trust myself and what comes from my source of knowing. That’s the scary part, at first, but it begins to weave an accurate fabric to who I am and what I can do – not what I’ve been told I cannot do.
If whatever I say does not resonate with you, I ask that you be okay to dismiss it and understand that it is said for someone else.
Back in 2016 someone proposed the idea that your past doesn’t have to be as you remember it, you just have to rewrite it altogether. I wasn’t settled on the notion of “lying”, but I felt a significant lightness in my core to what it was suggesting.
Over my years of study, I’ve come to realize that we have barriers to understanding what actually happened in our past (short and long term), and that most times, we’ve been wiped and new images have taken their place. The point is, it’s okay to replace/rewrite a false memory with a new, more harmonious one. This tool can be pretty powerful, so it’s important that you reinforce the overall feeling you want to feel when the old memory tries to come creeping back. The reason for that is, you can begin to forgive everyone involved – especially yourself – and that isn’t what this paradigm really wants. It needs you broken, but that’s only one option we can choose, there are many more where we can be free of that, just stop playing by rules that came from somewhere else and begin making your own. It takes a while to allow yourself to go against what you think is “right”, but it’s more “wrong” to live with trauma that may have never really happened to you. You see? This is a soft disclosure of what is happening.
We must, first, remove the concept of “right and wrong” and replace it with positive and negative. Are you going to live a life of suffering simply because you’ve been told to just accept it? Probably not, if you really believe what I’m saying here and want to change it… and that’s what we will look at doing here.
Hypothetical: Say I was abused by a caretaker and my parents didn’t believe me, so I was also punished for lying.
Plainly stated, people are assholes and most parents just want a compliant child because they have enough on their plate. Nothing can be done about the parents or the caretaker; however, everything can be done about how you Feel about the experience and how you choose to Remember it. Let’s look at remapping your brain in order to bring you into the Present Now instead of living in that past. Letting go of it’s hold on you is the result we are going for. Gaining control of yourself and becoming self-empowered.
This is a commitment. This is Not a tool to try and “fool” or “lie” to yourself. Tricks are for con men. This is a fully intentional remapping of your damaged nerves to be able to repair themselves back to homeostatic harmony through lovingly taking care of yourself where others (w)could not. It’s up to Us to do this, no one else is obligated to give us what we will not give ourselves. When you become successful at this, you become master of a part of your world.
There are two options.
1. You tell the story to someone safe who can listen (only), and when you get emotional, they will immediately interrupt you to begin describing an object in the room (i.e. describe the lamp in detail).
As soon as your emotion goes away about the hurtful experience, you begin the story all over again until you begin to get emotional and get interrupted to describe a different object (this will go on until you no longer have a negative emotional response to the experience). This exercise can be done daily or weekly until nothing triggers you about it anymore.
2. Some trauma may be too intense, so rewriting an entirely different past worked best for me. I not only rewrote my entire past, but I would lay in bed every night and play the story in my head of how I would’ve liked it to have gone, as well as how I would like my life to currently be, even though it’s not there yet.
This second option went on for a year for me. Every day, sometimes for 8 hours a day, I would remap the incessant negativity, or rework how I wanted it to go instead, vigilance… I’d change things here and there because the mindset I was thinking in no longer served the growth I was experiencing from doing this. I used it as a tool to outgrow my own immaturity, and leaving complication with others within the confines of my imagination and out of waking life.
These are two powerful methods, take full advantage of them.
Remove the limitations that are put on you for telling your story and making new ones, dimensions upon dimensions of new ones. Of course, if you are in therapy, that needs to be a separate reality from the work here, don’t stop it.
We’re in this, we’ve got this.

Baseline Nutritional Structure for Weaning off of Food – All Plant-Based [02 – Implementing Nutrients as a Sustainable Baselines for Spritual Empowerment]

Baseline Nutrition Structure for Weaning off of Food… All Plant-Based
It must be preficed that, before I can optimize the benefits of what I’m doing, I must address the parasites that are living in my body and have them evacuated so they aren’t stealing all of the nutrients.
I’m taking a treatment for 15 days to rid them, along side with what I’m already doing nutritionally. I feel tremendous control over myself, I don’t feel fat or frumpy or in a fog, and I just feel better overall – everything is outlined below, and with monthly cost…
The preliminary cost to begin is $300 the first month.
The monthly cost for to sustain this lifestyle is $260/month.
I was spending $15/day on healthy food that wasn’t doing anything for my mood or overall health. I will still be spending $450 a month just on groceries alone [add to that supplements, dessert, eating out, etc…. then medical bills to try and fix the damages of what you’re eating and drinking].20170113_145544
Temporary Prep Items: [first month only]
-ParaSmart [rids parasites, 15 day treatment]
-Sprouts Super Fiber Tabs – Psyllium Husks [you have to wean off food, so you will take this pill twice a day as you wean, and when you’re off solid food, you will take twice a day for 3 days afterwards to ensure solid food is evacuated and not absorbed back into the body]
-Avocado or Coconut Oil [goes in coffee or take with pills] to assist with the adjustment period of stomach acidity, if needed.
Long-Term Baseline Nutrition:
-GREEN SUPERFOOD: You will take this once every hour you are awake to keep a balance of nutrients in your body [eliminates and replaces hunger because your body has what it needs]. You can alter this to do 2 pills every 2 hours, but in the beginning, I needed it to be every hour until my body adjusted to constantly getting nutrients instead of food as filler. Remember, this is about balance, not implementing the same concept of “eating meals”. It isn’t that difficult because it is the same concept of cueing yourself to drink water often and go to the bathroom. Not such a leap. Sync those activities with when you take your pill, easy.
$40 = 15 days
Monthly Total $80
-MULTIVITAMIN: 1/day [coenzymated/women]
$15 = 30 days
Monthly Total $15
-PROTEIN: I have one scoop [twice a day] for the first month to give my body time to adjust, then afterwards, just one scoop a day…
in coffee or almond milk.
Vibrant Health Pro Matcha [protein + matcha tea – 22g Protein]
$40 = 15 day serving
Montly Total $80
or [I alternate]
Vibrant Health Maximum Vibrance [20g Protein]
[same regime, twice a day at first for a month, then once a day after]
$60 = 15 days
Monthly Total $120
-COFFEE $15/mo
Any of these can be mixed to create something sweet.
Real cherries [1cup has 19 carbs], but balance the carbs out with a lot of fat… olive oil, goat cheese, hazelnuts, coconut oil. 1 cup of pumpkin has 8 carbs… buy quality cacao 75% or more and mix any of these combinations with almond milk or coconut milk.
[This combination of baseline nutrition covers the following: nutrition, antioxidants, probiotics, fiber, health, digestion, circulation, immune support, detox, stress relief, energy, pH, life preservers, tonics, liver support skeletal support, adaptogens… all encompasing]
I don’t deny myself anything. If I feel I want something, I just weigh it with an old habit or if it’s a necessity. All of the thoughts I’ve had about wanting a certain food at a certiain time boils down to just habit and wanting to feel comforted. This is what needed to change.
While you should clear your body of food, you can supplement the weaning phase with pure forms of an avocado, boiled egg, chi seeds, olive oil or banana. The rest is resetting your cues to eat by drinking holistic tea, or coffee with protein in it/olive oil or water instead. If you feel you want to take a superfood green pill instead, feel free to do so. It’s not going to hurt you to do this, but remember, we need to get rid of these cues that make us panic because we aren’t eating. It’s reprogramming to accommodate our new nutritional needs. Like smoking or sweets, you must mentally train your mind to get control of itself.
The benefits I’m getting from this far outweigh the frumpy fog of being a zombie and lack of freedom I’ve experienced. I can now begin “moving” where I’m want and am open to good, clean, and rightious ways of thinking and manifesting.
It’s cognitive benefits are incredible and my abilities to protect myself are exponential. I found this out last night when I was with this guy who was trying to influence me for hours and it never affected me. I was completely safe until I chose to leave, and when I was good and ready to. I can’t describe it. It’s totally worth it and I’m staying with it.
We can only do our best…
If you choose to do this, but must eat at least once a day, it’s really all about how we see our lives and what we allow to control it. This regime works for me, I don’t work for it, if that makes sense, and that’s the goal with everything in our lives, nothing should be there that isn’t serving us, we should never work for things because we create everything. Going all the way and not eating isn’t for everyone, but honestly, it could be.
It’s all about our perceptions on breaking the illusions in our lives so we can become successful, free thinking, and let the proof speak for itself.
I personally don’t see how doing what everyone else is doing anymore is a benefit to any aspect of our lives, but nothing worth doing is popular with the masses. They take the easy way out all the time. Living with nutrients is insanely easier than dealing with food, any day, we just don’t know it.

Is eating food an illusional necessity? [01 – Implementing Nutrients as a Sustainable Baselines for Spritual Empowerment]

Is food really an illusional necessity, and can the necessity for food be nothing but a distraction?
Food has taken on a life of its own and is consuming our lives with worry, doubt and financial strain… couple it with medical expenses and immovability to be within a healthy weight range naturally and the cycle of it all does nothing but weaken our hope in something better.
Our entire perception on what food is and what it does needs a serious renovation, and it’s up to us to take control of our own health and well-being.
It’s everywhere that we aren’t getting enough nutrients but we are eating more and more of food. Everything that is readily available and within cost to most of society is indescribably toxic to our bodies and we don’t realize how low our vibrations run, or how dead we really are to the things we can truly do because our perception of food and all the things associated with it is keeping us there.
If this is indeed true, and I believe it is, I think an alternative method is in order, and it isn’t conventional, but neither is awakening and following your dreams. It’s par for the course, and if you’re willing to understand that our vibrations will remain always remain as limited and restricted as our thoughts dictate, our desires dictate, and what we put in our bodies dictate.
Right now, most of us are energy cows and we operate at a very low, zombie-like level. We go with the motions and don’t question anything, mostly because we don’t have the energy, clarity or ability to connect to our higher selves because we are full of toxins and lethargic in getting motivated to.
Food, this stuff that doesn’t have the capacity to meet a whole and balanced need, is percieved as a necessity to life, when the truth is, nutrients are the necessity to life. We are told that we have to have all of this food in a day, and that it’s still not enough, so we must supplement it with all of these other things as well. Not only do we pay for food, eat it and have to take nutritional supplements, we also must take more supplements to counteract what the food is doing negatively to our bodies.
I’m going to take a leap and say, “Put nutrients in your body, not food”. If we deal with the source, the nutrients themselves, we get it right and are done with it. No medical bills, no wasted food, no more toxins in our bodies. It’s optimal.
What I discovered last night, after thinking for a decade about it, is that it could be possible to sustain on plant-based vitamins, superfood greens, protein powder, and some other key players, in order to move out of being a slave to these so-called needs.
The idea that I’m proposing is that, by changing what we put into our bodies altogether, we will reduce the time it takes to heal [physically and spiritually] and streamline our journey to move forward with our abilities effortlessly, and with no lag due to outside influences. Time superceeds outside influences, but outside influences can negatively affect what we do while we are waiting.
In essence, it’s a process to further remove eating food [as we have come to know about it] and the unhealthy habits tied to so that it no longer negatively controls our moods, time, finances, and overall outlook on life. I truly believe that, by detoxing and redirecting our body’s proclivity to want the right things, it will be huge in moving forward with where we go next and open up so much more potential inside us.
I just began weaning off of food on Monday and following the regime discussed with a physician, so it will take time to scientifically provide evidence that what I’m replacing food with is going to be a sustainable and healthy means of accomplishing everything I’m setting out to do, but here’s the methodology on why I identified what’s going on, and why I needed to do this:
The concept that this entire experiment is based on consists of the scientific fact that when we are hungry, our body is asking for nutrients, not food. When we have the right nutrients, we will not feel hungry.
Food is not a nutrient, it is a composite of very little nutrients and a lot of other things [beneficial or not] that our bodies truly do not need to process through. I believe that this is why we have such a weight problem, along with the contributions our perception of our own bodies manifest.
If food had everything, why are we told that we still need vitamins and probiotics and this and that… it doesn’t seem to end and there’s not enough time in the day to meet the requirements with the lives that we live, so why is food taking over our lives like it is?
We are told that it’s normal and part of life…
Add to that the cravings, which are usually satisfied with more toxins that our body doesn’t need. In all honesty, cravings do not associate to food at all. When our bodies are getting the proper nutrients, we don’t experience cravings, and a cake or bagel has no pursuasion one way or another over you, the same as seeing a pen or a stapler would.
What you are feeling when you “crave” something is really an emotional or spiritual need that needs to be met. The word craving was designed as a mask for what is actually your body signalling [intuitively] that something has come up and needs to be resolved, not fed.
To go further, cravings aren’t really a thing, you should want or don’t want and be done with it. Another variance on the use of the word craving could mean that something is influencing you to want something you don’t need, usually something to avoid [situation, action]. With practice, you’ll know the difference in needing something because your body tells you so, or if you’re being influenced into thinking you need something.
When our nutritional needs are being met, these cravings [distractions] will dissapate and our intuition can begin to surface. This allows us to now resolve our needs appropriately, not feed them.
Think about things, don’t just go along with them… It’s good for marketers to sell the word “craving” in order to trigger and associate the need to hunt and gather for food with it, and that is what keeps your mind so primitive… word conditioning and associations that don’t exist, but we give power to. When our nutritional needs are being met, our body can begin to distinguish between whole and fake for intake and those things you no longer have a for, but we have to work with our bodies to do this.
Unless it’s your profession or hobby, how often do you think about eating, snacking, cooking, groceries and cravings? Answer, it’s a lot. So much so, that when you get to the point I’ve gotten over the last 3 days of going off of food, it has no more power over you and you can step back and see what it does to people. It alters our behavior drastically. I see it, and not only are the nutrients I’m taking freeing up all of my time, anytime there is food laying around, I don’t want it and I don’t desire it because it is a bit disgusting. It’s a perspective changer for sure, but I’m so glad I am doing it. After only 3 days, I feel like I can see differently already and my mood is pretty stable so far. I don’t wake up in pain with my shoulders or neck anymore and I sleep deeply at night with these nutrients in my system. I’m keeping a journal, so I’ll share my findings.
To continue, I believe that sugars and carbohydrates are directly connected to the sense of how we experience time throughout our day and whether it is on cue or lagging. Every time we have these poisons, it will alter our perception of time and the present in order to keep us focused on the past or future, so the precious time we do have is squandered – back to just being an energy cow, or a hamster running on a wheel. Being in the present is the only way we can accomplish everything. Healthy people have limiteless time to do things, unhealthy people can’t ever seem to accomplish anything, and instead, everything is compounded.
This is my intuitive view: while whole foodies see processed and fast food as a terrible thing to put in your body, I see most whole foods [especially meat] as a potential, spiritually, terrible thing to put in your bodies.
I base this on the instability of medical journals and what is good from one year to another. Everything shifts, everything is changing. There are no fixed variables because our mind creates it all and it’s as individual as we are, and it feels like everyone who talks about it can’t get a grasp on it anyway, but that’s another can entirely.
So, what I think is beneath the surface of all of this is an iceberg and it’s up to each persons interpretation of it, but here’s mine.
What I do know is, our bodies recognize plan-based substances and enzymes and break those down with no problem. Even at whole food stores, and especially at any other type of grocer, the food is processed with things that aren’t friendly to our bodies, and with the exchange that goes into getting a prodcut to you, it makes it easier [albeit unintentional sometimes] to introduce your body to any and everything.
Our bodies can’t process everything it’s introduced to, so it begins to store it as fat and you simply carry around all of these toxins. Some toxins/chemicals are evacuated, but a lot are retained. These toxins make us feel incredibly miserable and it infiltrates our outlook on life and our ability to deal with anything and fucks with our ability to manifest what we want because our baseline is misery, and how we feel is what and how we attract.
With all scientific experiments, adjustments will be made to things that aren’t healthy along the way, so I’ll keep you posted if you’re interested in what this is about, and making it your own. I think it would be beneficial to do this at all levels, but to each their own.
This lifestyle that I’ve adjusted to quite fast, actually, includes being mindful of what my body needs and listening to that, as well as cutting down/out the need for food by implementing and introducing only what my body needs through carefully planned out supplements for optimal nutrition, ingesting oils, apple cider vinegar, the occasional whole egg to balance out digestive acidity, and I will adjust the rest as I go along, but I have no real cravings or need to eat… just the occasional mental adjustments when I would routinely eat to rewire and I’m fine [I drink water instead and don’t train my mind to reject anything, just accept new ways of doing things]. I do drink a lot of water, holistic tea and coffee throughout the day to help with the oral fixation of things..
I don’t think I will go back to eating after what I know about the last 5 days and my body’s response to how healthy and spiritually grounded I feel, including my moods having been stabalized and my focus is clear. I’m excited about what will come of this with more time and adjustments to make it sustainable.
I didn’t want to talk about it at first, but there’s something to this, and it’s powerful beyond just our perception of food and eating, and I can’t wait to see what is going to come out of this.
Love, Life and Light.

An Empaths Journey out of Victimhood… Desensitization Training

There are two types of empaths

One easily identifies, has the ability to move through, and overcomes situations where everything and everyone seems like an attack on who they are, what they believe, and how they respond in life without it breaking them. The other has not yet discovered how to move out of the feeling of being a victim to it all of it, which is a very valid response [suffering with the ones who suffer] when we first realize we are empaths, or until we realize it.

Empaths deal with so many emotions, that we drown in them if we cannot see them for what they are and allow ourselves to move through and with them.

Being sensitive is never a curse, having our abilities is never a curse… our inability to mature in our abilities is the curse.

One huge part of our maturity is gaining control over our weakness in regards to suffering. There is suffering everywhere, but it’s not in our nature to stand idly by and watch, nor is absorbing all of the disturbances something that is easy to deal with, but we must.

Desensitization to the things that disturb us the most is very important to push through because it is one of the only ways we can push ourselves out of victimhood, and into our true power. Desensitization will not make you any less of an empath, fearing something will. The goal is fearlessness that has merged with ultimate love and the power to heal.

We have to realize that fearlessness about things isn’t insensitivity or callousness, it’s courage to face life. There is no way I would ask advice, or get healing, from someone who had no confidence in themselves… would you?

It will be difficult at first, but you should watch, read or encounter, as many uncomfortable things as you can to take the shock out of it so that it has no more hold over debilitating you again. If we don’t, we will be victims our entire lives and tragically ineffective in fulfilling our purpose.

The process of desensitizing, in a controlled environment and with preparedness, moves empaths out of the traps of feeling hopeless, despondent, and powerless. Once you can master controlling when you see the things that disturb you and how you can work with your feelings about it, doubt and fear will be replaced with empowerment to handle it when it comes up again, but it’s an ongoing process to work on until it catches something inside of you and takes on it’s own power from there to keep you where you need to be… which ultimately in control of yourself, your environment and any variables that try and change it.

Re-writing our stories…

In 2014 or 2015 I came across a guy that I’d made a soul contract with but didn’t know at the time, all I knew was that I favored him. The night we met, I had a glass of wine and he was having a lot of whatever he was drinking. I’m low-key and he was the opposite, it was a bit exciting. His behavior was a bit off, but I had never seen anything like this so I wasn’t sure what was happening enough to identify it. I was at a point in my life where I was ready for what I was ready for and something was working with this guy that night. He later told me he was an alcoholic.

It was a fast and intense romance the first month, but the moment he said he wanted to marry and take care of me, I knew all of this was about him, not us. Not only that, but it’s such a turn-off when a guy [confident and convinced in his acting abilities] says, “I want to marry you and have a life with you” without a ring or a clue who they are talking to. That is usually where it ends and I was going to walk away, but something told me I needed to go with it. I was like, okay, I have no idea what alcoholism is about, let’s see where this goes.

I ended up seeing psychological issues with my roommates, and it was threatening my safety, so this guy offered to move in together… I agreed despite the fact that he was convinced that he was going to make all my dreams come true, so I let his fantasy play out while I just followed my intuition to stay with him. I wasn’t there to hurt him, but I wasn’t there to enable him either, and I made it clear before I moved in that whatever issues he had with his drinking were his, not mine. It actually didn’t bother me that he drank all the time, I am pretty independent and liked the company without the feeling of being smothered.

There were times I needed him so much, but this wasn’t about me, and anytime I tried to make it about me, I wished I hadn’t. I decided to practice, over and over getting disappointed and hurt by this person until I cried. Honestly, I wasn’t there to simply be abused, but I don’t know why other than letting go of outcomes I guess. I did not want to do this over again at a later time, so this was happening.

I was with this person for 3 months and it was over, finally. Someone reading this my think that 3 months isn’t a long time, but it is when you lived with an abusive mother and sister who hated you on a daily basis for 18 years, subsequently until you were 37, and you thought you had finally gotten out of that. It also may sound as thought this person meant nothing to me, but it’s not true, I cared deeply for him. It was just so painful to stand by while someone put themselves through this pain and all you can do is watch.

The only healthy thing I was able to take away from it was when he once said that I needed to re-write my story and let go of my past. He also said I was esoteric.

Initially, I equated re-writing my life with running from/escaping it, but it’s so far from the truth. Until I could break away from everything I had known, I couldn’t explore my unknown which is where I was all along, waiting to be discovered.

A re-write is erasing everything that doesn’t serve the person you are, or want to be. A lot of times we need to add in things that we wish would’ve happened and didn’t. It’s not lying, it’s creating a new version of yourself that those that were supposed to love most should’ve told you about yourself and didn’t. I remember thinking that, if I ever had a child, I would tell her who she was before anyone else did. And she would be able to fly and dream and love and she was this superhero who could change the world.

Your story is, and can be, anything. And when you finish writing it, adding to it, editing it, go to bed at night and press play. Make it truly real for you. Do this over and over until you’ve also rewired your neurological maps and pathways to this outcome as well.


A study was done to see how easily influenced people really are in conforming to their environment. The stage was set by placing a guy in a wait room where people came and went for auditions. Each time a monitor would ding, his job would be to stand up and then sit back down [no eye contact and no talking], to see if another would do it. It only took seeing this guy do it once before they began doing it themselves, and no one questioned anything. The guy who staged this eventually left, and the person continued doing it while others came in, and it caught on after the first time, and still, no one questioned anything.

Unless you are thinking for yourself and understand that there aren’t consequences for doing so, you have a handler and your mind is not your own. What we think are “consequences” doesn’t even exist in the bigger scheme of things. It only exists in the 3d level, where everyone is a drone and time means everything to the meaning of their day – everything in their life is dictated by times they have to be somewhere and accomplish something in. Military, government, corporate jobs are all examples of drone work. Clock in, clock out, don’t ask questions.

We’ve all seen people controlled by others, it’s pretty common because we’ve all [at one point or another] given up our own right to be an individual for the sake of income or acceptance. There comes a point in time where you will question everything about this [hopefully], and begin to understand that doing what you want, when you want to do it, brings so much more freedom and you move out of the way of answering to anyone for anything. And when you get the hang of that, you move up another level and then another. It’s called personal mastery, because you can’t move up until you’ve mastered where you are. The ultimate goal is to rule your life independently of any outside influence, while working collectively towards accomplishing what you came here to do.

I was so inspired to read that the women in France were going on strike until they received the same income as men for the same jobs. While it’s not the feminine aspect that makes me proud, it’s the fact that an entire group of people banned together for what they believed was worth holding out for, and gaining leverage to redefine something that was no longer working for them, and fear was not an option.

If all of us banned together and stopped working in order to pursue our dreams instead, it would put us at a tremendous advantage to call the shots and define what our lives will be like and what is truly important in life. Imagine if we banned together and relied on ingenuity to meet the needs of others instead of what we are doing now…

Working for any company at this point in time is exactly what having a handler is representative of. Working for others goes against our very human nature to help and Love by design.

If I could, I’d use the technique I did this morning [permanent magnetic heart for the ferromagnetic moments in our lives blog] to pull all of our time lines together and attract the very moment when we get this concept, and have it happen simultaneously now… and then grab the popcorn.

Creating a permanent magnetic heart for the ferromagnetic moments in our lives…

There’s not enough coffee right now…

Why is the largest cup that Dazbog offers 16 oz [it is the best coffee]? We commit to so many things in our day that are vastly less healthy, is it so much to ask for a Big Gulp coffee…

The matter at hand…
I’m going to experiment with something. Right now, I’ve created a permanent magnetic heart that can pull together all of the ferromagnetic moments in my life where I am fully immersed in assertive gentleness, or patience, or strength, or temperance and stability [while submerged in Love].

I’ve pulled the string of time into a vertex at my heart and watched all of those moments shoot towards me and I hold them there.

While I was pinning the string, a loop came out. The loop didn’t rotate, but was stationary. I want to say that the words revolved in the thread of the loop, but I’m pretty sure they didn’t and my mind was compensating for what it thought should happen and the only way it could explain the word “loop”.

All in all, the experiment was totally worth it. I felt all of what I could at once and I got to flex my scientific muscle with what I know, and what I want to create and know.

Letting our bodies do what they need to do…

Where my persona is today…

Our bodies are in the 3rd and 4th dimensional manifestations of our soul. Through our bodies, our soul gets things done because what we do in this dimension makes more of an impact than what we can do on the astral levels. I’m still learning this first-hand, but I will write what I know and from the perspective I experience it.

There are so many species of beings out there… star seeds, fae, nymphs, humans, etc., so we will have differences in some of our experiences, but merge in others. Since our bodies are these manifestations of our higher selves, we should recognize and connect to our souls and allow it to accomplish unity and purpose within us.

What I mean by “let it do what it needs to do” is, anytime we need to express something, we should just do it, but with fun and joy. Sometimes my body wants me to wave my arms or twist, so I do and it moves stagnant energy I didn’t know I had and I’m happy. If we fight ourselves we accomplish nothing. Doing simple things that your body asks will make it easier to hear your soul ask you to do things in order to work out your karma, heal or grow. If we deny these things about ourselves, we backlog our own growth and understanding of how things truly are. We deny ourselves truth.

I’ve written about where all of our energy and creativity lies, and that’s at the source of who we are… the seat of our soul/higher selves. Our source is our busy little workshop that makes everything we see possible. Our battles are worked out in the shop, not in our daily/waking lives. Our souls have planned out our day and when we resist the things that happens in it, all we do is steal energy from our source and begin wearing ourselves out. That’s why we are so tired all the time and we can’t change our lives that way.

The situations we face during the day were created specifically for you and no one else. Everything was created beforehand in your workshop and is perfectly timed and we see the right outcome if we stick to the plan. If we ever want to change what we see, it begins with our thoughts and our beliefs on the matter that then goes to the drawing board of our workshop and is hashed out from there. A woman today bought a scale that measures weight and said she’s thinking skinny, or something to that effect. A scale is only going to confirm what we are already thinking and believe about ourselves… “we are overweight and need to lose weight” and that is what it represents. It’s the thoughts that lead up to that, the thoughts that I chose that begin to awaken my consciousness about things. These thoughts could look like this… “I use way too many disposable things [coffee cups, tissue], I should find a way to use a handkerchief instead [or a washable travel cup]”. That leads me to feeling better about who I am, so I begin to understand that certain foods aren’t helping me feel good about myself, so I change how I look at food, and my garbage, and then it just grows from there and all of a sudden, my whole lifestyle has changed for the better. That is such a leap from buying a scale to get skinny, because life is a lifestyle, not a short-term fix or goal.

Waking up each day is my soul resetting my fuckups and hoping I get it right today. Everything is planned out, I just need to trust that everything’s okay and choose peace and harmony with it. There is nothing I need to fight for, I just need to be available and work with my soul to accomplish what it’s telling me to do at that time it tells me to do it. Just go about my day and be available.

When my soul says, “You should do that 15 minute yoga thing you did the other day when you get home tonight”, and if I go home and do it, bam, accomplished. When it says, “Hey, instead of being afraid of your anger right now, why don’t you let it go with them and take this to your desk and let’s square this away together”. Accomplished, done. It takes less effort, time and energy to work together, than to fight. I believe that there is more that is worth surrendering for than fighting for. Every time I chose to fight myself, it gets put back on the drawing board to deal with over and over.

My focus in life isn’t anything more than this. It’s just today… and it’s just this moment.

It’s a beautifully orchestrated piece if we can flow with the music of our life and not feel guilty about it. Anytime we feel fear, our soul will give us the answer if we ask.

We are the creators of our experience…

Where my persona was November 2016…

The most beautiful story of all isn’t in print, it’s what’s being created right now, and right now and right now and right now, right now, and now… it’s in THIS second, not a second ago or the next one.

Everything can change for you right this second.

There is no past, only memories of the past, but I can change the past by what I do with this moment – I can rewrite my entire story if I wanted to, and I have many times. I have no debt to the past. I need not worry because now changes everything.

This concept pertains to creating new outcomes, not disregarding responsibility in your life.

Right now, you are living the life of your dreams, and if you are not happy, go inward and look at your core beliefs and desires, there’s the culprit. It’s not your surroundings; it’s your core manifesting what you are now seeing.

It takes strength and courage to become introspective and change what you find you don’t want anymore. Becoming introspective means foregoing the influence of others on what you decide is of value and replacing it with what you discover meets your needs in order to thrive and live your truth. What this looks like is, you… sitting alone with yourself and asking very hard questions and then wait… wait… wait for the answers and when they come, acting on those answers despite logic and everything else. It’s leaping and trusting in that inner knowing that this is the right thing to do, and that this is what you’ve been waiting for in your life all along.

As you do this over and over, you can go deeper into your core and change everything. Your core is this conference room where everything is decided, where everything is discussed and where everything is set in motion to manifest what’s been decided there, you will begin to see everything you are experiencing right now change. You will begin to understand that it’s where you and the universe hash out everything and, that whatever you ask for, the universe will conspire to give you – unbiased. Just remember, the universe does not correct your mistakes, it just makes it happen.

This is our design. This is life.

Life is the act of creation and death is only the further advancement of that creation. We don’t die; we shift timelines to fulfill our purpose until we get it right… over and over and over. That’s why we experience Déjà vu, we’ve been there many times to get it right. People fear physical death and allow themselves to be distracted by something that doesn’t exist because we are simply transitioning into other states of being each time. There is no entity waiting to judge us. We are accountable to ourselves and karma, but when we get it right, harmony transcends that karma. There is no good or bad/right or wrong, only cause and effect. Succumbing to the judgment of anything other than ourselves is less than who we are. We aren’t here to be good in hopes for a reward someday; we are here to be in service to each other’s spiritual growth at the level of consciousness we are operating from in order to work out our own obligations. We chose our lives before we came here, and that is the purpose of life, to remember who we are and recreate everything we see according to our own desires. We aren’t meant to live our lives limited and in fear.

An example of this is the scarecrow effect: I was driving down the road in a residential area and there was a device that measures your speed and tells you what that speed is. If you go over a certain speed, it flashes at you. If you exceed 10mph it flashes blue and red [simulating the lights of a police car that’s pulled you over to give you a ticket] How do I know this? Not going to lie, I enjoy the thought of pushing it there in hopes it will blow a fuse]. I am unable to put into words how annoying it is to drive 20mph in a 30mph because people are paralyzed with the fear because of this thing.

All I could see was this picture of a scarecrow in a field duping crows into fearing for their own safety when there is no danger. And the arrogance of it all – crows are simply doing what they were designed to do. Speeding devices aren’t clever, but a bit insulting. It’s designed for people who don’t abide by them [nor do they really care] anyway, and the rest simply can’t think for themselves and overcompensate, so it ups the ante from insulting to absurdity.

I’m not advocating breaking the law, I’m simply stating the overrated status of being a law abiding citizen at the expense of being innately what we are designed to be, which is for me to decide. I’m astounded and grieved by what we allow others to impose on us.

Sans chaos, take a stand and embrace yourself as you are and push the boundaries of what you are capable of when left to your own devices. It’s worth figuring out what that means because there is something amazing waiting, believe me, this world isn’t it. The standard is inside you. It’s a world where you don’t need to be told what to do, because you are already doing it, and this frees up all of your time to focus on what is important – your purpose.

The fear of being pulled over doesn’t inspire love. Choosing to be as courteous and safe as you can because you value yourself and others is what inspires love. Striving to be perfect is not Love, just being who you are and living your truth is what inspires Love. Life isn’t about rules, it’s about freedom. If you can’t learn how to free yourself from this world, then you will always be bound by the rules in it. Stop and ask yourself what you think and question things. It’s really okay to do your own thing entirely. Unplug and ask yourself what inspires love [in yourself and others], and if you can be a part of changing the world, simply by changing yourself.