Brass Tax

The untrained mind is highly suggestable. Be careful of what you believe and who you belive in. All of us are capable of living in a place that seems real, but unless we get to the bottom of our own truth, there is no way of seeing the lie. We are all living in the lie until we get ourselves out of it. Together we can support each other through understanding, but it is an individual endeavor for the mind.
I hear christian songs say, “I wonder what life would be like if we let Jesus live through you and me”… seriously, none of them know – it’s only a fairytale concept to them. They hide behind a belief that someone will do it for them someday, in some beautiful by and by. Aren’t you already supposed to be there in order to call others to it? We CANNOT lead millions of people astray with us in this dellusion, expecially having never seen, felt or existing currently in this place. You aren’t living truth, you are living a suffering concept of what you think truth is. If you do not live there at all times, if that isn’t what you are, then that makes you a fraud and a coward.
There are many options presented to us that we could follow [the roads most traveled], of acceptable behaviors to control who we are and aren’t. This is the most pronounced underlying theme of them all, and if you don’t conform to them, you are sentenced by them to be punished and ostracized. It’s a sin to refuse allowing yourself to be and believe as you see fit, it is also a sin to refuse others their right to believe and be who they decide to be.
Sin is separating ourselves and others. Fragmenting and splitting behavior is sin.
The lie is subjective. No one can tell you its shape, how it feels, what it smells like, or the way out… they can only tell you their version, and if we aren’t strong enough in ourselves, their version can become ours. So consulting others is to your own peril unless you have found your bearings within yourself first to know the difference.
Components that make up and fuel the lie are the things we hide and run from facing, as well as whatever stock we put into a belief that we will never be good enough, or we could never know the truth so we follow someone else who says they do – but remember, everyone is a fraud until they aren’t.
We do not need to be anyone else, or anywhere else other than who and where we are right now. There is nothing wrong you, there is nothing wrong with being on this planet [mentally and physically]. We will never ever go to a place we cannot already be. We will never ever go to a heaven that we have no concept of being in already, here on earth. No one would want you there, frankly, because of how irresponsible you are with your life as it is. You can’t even be authentic with yourself, and you punish and judge others, no wants to be around you even here. Wake up and face yourself.
Everything is perfect exactly as it is. You already are everything you need to be, it just needs to be properly awakened and mastered. This is not a feel-good path, so if anything in here resonates, investigate it thoroughly. Seek ancient documentation, not your friends opinion.
There are walls surrounding the lie… the walls exist in your mind in how you’ve constructed your houses.
Similacrums are the most effective medium in regards to subconsciously arranging your houses for you through reversal and perversion of your own energy to possess and control you. Symbols, pictures, numbers, etc. used today trigger us, as we try to make sense of the dissonance it is remapping our neurology, contageon ensues and then hysteria [individual or collective]. When you feel somethings wrong, it’s you soul speaking through your subconscious to get your attention. When you rationalize the dissonance you feel and decide to ignore/deny the truth that your soul is trying to show you, this is what it looks like to pervert the truth, invert it and remap your neurology to comply with their intentions, not your own. Your denial/ignoring the truth is your consent to be controled. Your actions, not your words, rule out. You may hate coming to work every day and being belittled and unappreciated in order to make money, but you consent to its control over you when you show up, day after day and say/do nothing about it. You won’t say anything because you need the money, and you won’t quit because you need the money. You consent, to the detriment of your own sanity and health, when all you have to do in this moment is simply concede and walk away. We don’t think we can concede from anything, and that’s a lie. We can change our minds and quit anything we decide that isn’t for our spiritual growth as long as we have a solid foundation and are supremely grounded in our goal.
This entire country is at civil unrest and no one can figure out why. There is nowhere to point the finger but at ourselves. It doesn’t matter the corruption, we can only dig ourselves out of this mess, one by one, through revelations of who we are, that’s all we can do about it. It’s not a fair fight, so focus on healing and aligning yourself first. To physically undertake fighting institutions and people will do nothing but prove as effective as the delusion that swatting the ocean with a stick alters global warming.
There are people who have specific purposes to try and wake all of us up, such is the case with Edward Snowden and countless others. Unless you know beyond a shadow of a doubt your purpose, the powers that be are deeply guarded and protected, so anyone you can see to take on is only a pawn. You will change nothing by hurting a pawn, you will only make it worse for yourself and have to answer for it though. If you handle this sort of thing irresponsibly, you make a fool of yourself. Those that do it correctly usually are killed and there is a coverup. So, if I could give any advice at all… it would simply be to understand your enemy and neutralize yourself. Neutrality is everything because they cannot interfere with your will to live and be intentionally against the lie, but your will must exceed theirs – this is the battlefield.
Right now, we all are trained and behaving as P. Pavlov’s dog. As an operative is brainwashed after every kill – it’s called a debrief – the same occurs to us through their movies, their television, their music and their food and their frequencies.
Here are simple examples of how everyday people perpetuate their own brainwashing… “You’re going to get a cold if you don’t wear a jacket”, “No one will marry you if you do that, honey”, “Are you sure you want to wear that”, “I like your hair the other way”, “You’re going to hell if you…”, “You are worthless…”. If you aren’t telling yourelf who you are constantly, someone else is. I don’t have the will to get into marketing schemes.
Those phrases are viruses we transmit to make others sick, physically or mentally. These people know exactly what they are doing, they just don’t understand the depth of the consequences of doing it. It’s dangerous. Sicknesses keep us dependant on anything other than ourselves for the cure. Dependance is control. Viruses are fears, and people love spreading their own fears – they are cowards who put limits on every one and every thing around them because they live in a limited world with causal loops and bindings and they don’t want to be alone in their misery, so they target weak-minded people to suck into their deluded world.
Words heal or create illness, it only depends on what the artist is using to paint them with. Those that run from their fears, not to them, will reincarnate so many times to have the opportunity to face them, but they refuse, and so they reincarnate and reincarnate – this is why cowards die a thousand deaths.
The short of all of it is, we see what is true but we choose not to see it. Denial of who we are as individuals opens the door to being shaped and molded by anything and everything. When I deny to act on what I know to be my uncorrupted and pure truth, I consent to possession of ideas and malevolent beings which take me further from myself and into the lie. This is sin. This is possession.
Being present is being sober and it’s the cost of vigilence. It’s the cost of singularity and protection from possession of all kinds.
Being anything other than present and intentional is denial. This is a very difficult path, but failing and making mistakes and correcting them is the God aspect.
Mind altering substances and environments are not recommended for anyone who chooses to live sovereign and intentional lives. It is wise to be cautious of the houses we enter, this includes businesses. When we are altered, it’s easier to become suggestable and fragmented to possession and control.
I understand I’m using words that strike fear into anyone who is living the lie, but this is the time to grow up and face those fears. We are afraid of words like possession and control because we know it’s true. I refuse to accommodate dancing around a truth in order for it to sound safe. I won’t contribute to the very thing that is killing our humanity. I’m accountable for myself and I have studied and alchemized my own life in order to not sedate the minds of people because it’s too scary to know the truth. We make things scary, but they don’t have to be. Nothing has power over you without your consent.
To continue…
Music is played everywhere now and is used to overtly and inadvertantly relax or overwhelm, then divide and conquer. Soda machines are equipped with subliminal fizzing sounds that speak to your subconscious and direct you to buy a beverage from their machine. Multitasking splits your attention into pieces, making you susceptible to stress and confusion and furthermore, control. Your subconsious is processing everything around you at all times, your consciousness is not equipped to accomplish what your subconscious is already equipped to do for you. The more you expose and overwhelm your conscious mind, the more you fragment and lose control of your life.
Nature is in unity with our bodies and minds, that’s why it’s being destroyed. Because we are refreshed and feel so much better after being in nature, it’s the next thing to go and we are being offered A.I. instead. Synthetics will never collaborate with us biologically. Exposure to synthetics will only keep us incessantly out of sync with everything within and without.
We are being forced to live and emulate as computers, and because we can’t, we will soon be asked to relinquish our organic bodies for simulated ones – but it will be packaged and marketed as a great idea; however, once we do this, we are trapped and cannot be free. This move from an organic, powerful spiritual body that can create a whole new planet and paradigm, and into something equivalent to a ‘genie in a bottle’ form to be used by whoever puts you there should terrify us. Once you make the choice to transition out of your body “to live forever”, it cannot be undone, not that I know of. What is done with your body afterwards is even more unspeakable than what is being done while you still inhabit it.
We have breakdowns because we aren’t designed to follow any set of rules or codes other than our own innate set. Our purpose is what is supposed to prompt action within us, we aren’t here to be told what to do and how to do it. We aren’t meant to wake up and drive and do the same thing day in and day out. It’s a hive meantality.
Be aware that something’s not right and unplug from it to find the middle path to it all. You have to stop it for yourself, no one else can interfere with your will to live the life you are living now. The middle path is the place to master and change everything. Buddha outlines what the middle path is. Try not to get lost and overwhelm yourself on this journey. Take your time and align with your subconscious and soul.
Be careful of all spirituality that points you in any direction other than inside yourself to govern your life.
I don’t know how else to say this, but, if you do not know yourself, are soverign, free and govern your own life, then you have consented to a vast array of malicious beings who prey on people who are in denial of themselves. These malicious beings are fallen gods, fallen angels, malicious thought forms [you name it], and they are highly entertained watching you worship them and call upon what you do not understand to control you and your life. All it takes is for you to sing the words, “Jesus take the wheel”, and it will not be Jesus that enters you.
They hate us and this sort of ignorance and denial is why… we are so far astray from the truth and act in such disgusting ways. To them we deserve it. I don’t conset to it, but I can understand it, myself. Malicious or not, all energy is to be respected beause all of it has its place in the delicate balance of life, only we’ve allowed there to be an imbalance, but this can also be corrected. Correcting this is through understanding what really happened at the fall of man and what the fall of man really consisted of. The fall was the splitting/fragmenting of our soul, subconscious and conscious singularity. The holy trinity. Triune godhead.
The end game of the lie is to fracture your focus like a prism. If someone can split you, then they’ve got you. Master your will of singularity, one mindset at all times, and move into mastering solidarity. Do everything with intention at all times… as I’ve mentioned before in another post, even if you’re super exhausted, misplace your keys intentionally.
There is so much to cover, but back to denial… The things that trap us in denial and keep us there:
There are similacras everywhere. Strategically placed ancient symbols that our subconscious already know because we are all reincarnated and these symbols have meant things to us in past lives, we’ve just forgotten them through memory wiping. They are on almost everything from cereal boxes to coffee shop paraphernalia, in hospitals, on t-shirts, grocery stores, etc. We are bombarded with sights sounds and frequencies that keep us on edge and at war with each other through implanted ideas, inception.
See it for what it is or disregard everything being said here. If it scares you, that’s probably a good sign, but don’t stay in fear – use what you can learn to your advantage. You must find your own truth about what is happening anyway. Our soul is fragmented, our memories wiped, but our subconscious records it all and it won’t let it slip through the cracks, so this is why we know that somethings not right, but can’t put our finger on it to do anything about it. Your subconscious is your way out. Your dreams, your memories… this is your compass. Know that if you are susceptable to mind control, your dreams and memories will be manipulated to stay off course. Your job is to begin uprooting these falsities and learn what your truth feels like. It will come, but not as easily as going to the store and buying a book filled with nonsense.
Listen to yourself and follow your internal guidance system. Stay away / quit / situations of chaos, confusion, negativity and let things/people go in your life that aren’t beneficial to your spiritual growth. Be sovereign and free.

Love Confounded or Unlocked…

When we’ve had no one to take care of us our entire lives… we tend to find it very lonely as adults.

There are two obvious options:

1. Allow the ideas we’ve developed as children to dictate our realities as adults – forever isolating us from the true experience of connection, love and freedom because it hurt too much then and it hurts so deeply now. We are entitled to forever be alone with this thinking to guide us, but just know that when we say, “no one has ever loved me”, it’s not true, it is only a reflection that we have not discovered how to love ourselves just yet, but it’s never too late.


2. Let go. Find your heart and open it all the way. And then find those few that you can fall head over heels in love with, as they fall right back in love with you. Falling in love is true love, not a romantic one. I don’t believe there is truth in romantic relationships sustaining anyone, at all. We have so much to give everyone. We must commit to our spiritual growth, not another human being, or one direction experiences. There are so many avenues to explore and we gain more and more by exploring as many as possible, gathering people to us along the way, not saying goodbye.

What we are destined to experience is love for all, in its purest form. Do not open your heart to things that are not in their purest form; however, please DO show the highest love you have for yourself in the midst of others. It is not wise to show others love without first knowing what that is like to have it for yourself.

THE CONCEPT OF LOVE is confounded by those who prostitute it to others. Those that say they can give someone else love is confused and decieved, and it is by hustling that it is siphoned from others.

THE MYSTERY OF LOVE is unlocked to the counfounded heart when our act of love is directed towards loving ourselves. End of story.

In time this makes sense. It is not love we give to others, it is them seeing us love ourselves that transforms everyone and everything. We must only show others understanding and compassion. I’m referring to those around us, not those we hold dear. We are to be available examples of what pure love looks like in how we treat ourselves in the midst of everyone, AT ALL TIMES.

By doing this, ALL THE TIME, the door for someone else who’s been searching will appear so that they can go and do for themselves. Those that don’t want to do for themselves only have the motivation to take yours. These mindsets are NOT BAD. It just is.

And as “it is what it is”, I am what I am. I don’t tolerate someone taking the love I have for myself for themselves. I’m selfish that way. I have one person in my life that I will give my heart to and she is very special to me. She has stuck in there with me for over two decades and has more than shown me she is loyal and forgiving when it comes to the stupid things I’ve done. So, someone who shows up and says they can “love” me doesn’t hold a candle to that, but time always tells a story clearly.

Never give yourself away. Only give yourself as an example and be kind.

Live in your natural state of opposition, not a manufactured one…

We know that the only truth is found in Being/Becoming. Pursuing truth through the art of Being is how we become one. One… this term has been thrown around everywhere and its true meaning has been inverted to continue to control others in the work place, at home and everywhere else. We Are One is what we hear but no one readily knows how to get anyone else there. This is because it comes through individual desire to never stop running. Those that truly want to know, and make it there, never stopped.

While anything readily available is not the truth, our soul, as well as our good deeds leave bread crumbs within these opportunities to see further than what’s on the surface. For example, I do not believe there is anything on a search engine that is spiritually  beneficial, or new, that would help me further my understanding of the esoteric sciences, but throughout my day I pay attention to my body speaking when I see a certain animal or but or number. My soul is communicating and it’s up to me to commune with what I’m saying to myself. When I see this number or occurrence, I know my soul has opened a window through my search on the internet to talk to me. I know this because when I try and find it again another day, it’s not there. You must understand that there are windows of opportunity, and if you choose to ignore wisdom and guidance, you cannot will it when you feel like it. Working with yourself causes shifts at the right time, and when shifts happen for me, I feel a wind . Your soul does not work for you, and I say this because to believe you can force divine synchronicity is called magic, or magik. You can cause a great deal of things to happen that are not meant to happen, it is not a safe practice and there is a cost to using elementals unwisely. If you aren’t in the flow, you are forcing something that is not meant to happen and there are always consequences.

When you learn how to Become, you will find abilities that you weren’t aware were there. We become who we are intended to be – architects, scientists, artists, musicians, healers, love…

This world is changing and the more we Become part of the earth and operate as a force of light, we become more grounded and others can experience what we are experiencing in a way that transforms. People feel what you are without you needing to advertise. They know you have what they are looking for, but until someone is ready and asks for guidance to find their own way, we do our greatest work by just Being. The work is substantial on its own, there’s no need to be a missionary, they will come to you. Once you can understand this, you can understand your role in all of it and reach out responsibly where you can be found [writing, speaking, etc.]. You must master control of yourself first because what’s waiting out there to find you will be tough.. it will bring the fight to your doorstep. Those that haven’t hunted their own weaknesses and faced them will discover that their subconscious will not be ignored, nor does it take prisoners. You will make a fool of yourself and do a lot of damage to others in the process – it has set many back lifetimes, eons. Your subconscious created every aspect of you down to the molecular level and is the processor that runs in the background without you knowing. Ignore your subconscious and thus enters the Adversary, as well as the forces that support adversarial thinking. It’s all energy designed to do what it’s supposed to do and it doesn’t negotiate, it does what you tell it to do. Forces do what we tell them to do. Our subconscious controls the forces, not our consciousness [ego]. When we are not aligned with our subconscious, we experience frustration and get mad that things are happening, or not happening, to us. If we can understand within our spirit that WE shape and create form to energy from the subconscious level and being to direct our focus in that direction instead, it becomes effortless and you don’t have to fight against yourself all the time – it’s exhausting. Learn to work together with your dreams and intuition and the breadcrumbs that pop up in the moment and forget about the future or the past altogether until you master right now. Right now determines all those other things, correct energy reversals within yourself [don’t put the cart before the horse, so to speak]. This is why forcing elements that have been given form at a subconscious level already should not be further manipulated at the conscious level – it is dangerous and unstable. It is perfect the way it is, everything is perfect as it is; however, we believe that we need to change what we see, and that is dangerous.

Speaking from my own truth, I believe that psychology is doing just that. psychology is taking what has already been expressed in its perfect form and turns that expression against the being that is suffering and desperately seeking relief. When my body needs to express itself, I must give expression freely to that or I deny my Soul of its right to give form to what is needed in that moment. An example is, when I have hiccups, I know personally what I need to do to give expression to what is happening and, when I do, the hiccups go away immediately. My outward life trauma has caused me to have this automated response to suppress my expression so I wont get hurt again, so hiccups are one manifestation that can get by that wall and is also a way my subconscious chooses to  communicate with me that it needs to express itself. I have worked with my hiccups to figure out what needs to be expressed, so when I express what is needed, the hiccups go away immediately. I love it. If that’s vague, I’ll go further to clarify that, when hiccups come out of my body that, even though it doesn’t make sense to my conscious state, when I say, “I love myself for who I am and I’m okay”, they immediately cease to continue.

If I were to deny myself of doing that because it’s “weird or creepy” to others, or because I am ashamed, then I’d be missing out. It isn’t something I can explain because it’s mine and no one elses to understand.

That’s why seeking guidance outside yourself will only lead you to denying who you are and the unique things you must to do to express yourself in a way that only you know how. You can’t heal by any other means because the way you express yourself here is actually healing you in another realms that you are not aware of.

Allowing yourself to express what comes up in the moment can be freeing or hold a bit of pain. It’s not all pleasant. Another example is, when I get a leg cramp I must immediately not resist it and relax my entire body and just let it happen. The experience starts out with extreme pain and moves into discomfort and then it goes away. I can always count on it transforming in that way, so I have learned not to resist what is happening and cause further disruption. I hope that is helpful as we move on.

When you get the urge to do something out of character, or that doesn’t make sense, be kind and allow your spirit to express itself through your body so that you can move on with your life. Entertain the fact that there are so many complexities that must be expressed in the beginning that it’s just best to let it happen or you’ll drive yourself crazy trying to assign logic to any of it. We’ve tangled our expressions so severely that whatever gets the knots out won’t be sophisticated in nature, but it will be freeing.

One of my favorite movies is Lars and the Real Girl. It is a visual of what I’m expressing here in words and the story is a beautiful one because it has all the elements needed… you express the disturbance and it is witnessed in order to heal. It’s difficult to watch and understand if you’ve not yet gone after your own fears and shame. But those who have will resonate deeply with the redemptive qualities of a town coming together to, not just “let”, but support a wayward Soul working out his own past trauma and salvation in a very inwardly pure way that looks uncomfortable to others outwardly. This is what its all about. Observing and allowing/validating the absurd so that there is healing and a rebirth of the Soul. No one can tell us how we can heal, they just have to be a witness. Others are simply witnesses to the transformation and are not to orchestrate the transformation.

Souls that are disturbed and absurd must have support to work through it and be rebirthed. We misinformed that we are to rescue or intervene for that person. It’s the natural process and nothing to be ashamed of. As we allow glitches to happen in others around us, it will stay benign in nature; however, the more we do not allow the glitches to be expressed and go further to shame them of the expression, this is why people are so dangerous and violent because they have been denied the benign expression for so long it naturally progresses into being dangerous to themselves and others.


Being vs Being the Adversary… how to work out our own salvation.

I wanted to find a partner, so I found my way to online dating. Pictures were exchanged and he commented that I downplay myself by not wearing makeup. I could see his perspective and truthfully said that I don’t do things for anyone that would go against my natural state of how I chose to be. If I loved wearing makeup, that would be a different story. He said that, by not wearing makeup, it shows a lack of confidence and, America does see confidence in that way, it’s pretty pervasive to believe that if you don’t look, act or think the way others think you should, that you don’t love yourself. Since it’s the consensus of the masses, he isn’t incorrect; however, I also believe that neither am I for choosing who I want to be and being completely comfortable being wholesome and pure, rather than socially acceptable – my heart matters more. I take care of myself from the inside out, so I understand that this choice will be misinterpreted by just about everyone.


The bottom line was that he was operating from a place where confidence is interchangeable with insecurity. When that happens, it’s only negative if I allowed myself to be afraid of not being accepted and changed my behaviors out of guilt and fear of not being good enough. People aren’t bad or good, they are simply life lessons that show us who we truly are and how we really feel about ourselves. I chose love and truth to continue knowing that I trust myself as I am. I have nothing to prove to anyone. You are either you, or, you’re something else pretending to be you, a disguise of what you think you should be and not what you actually are. This is the true adversary. No other adversary, or devil, exists – just you being in denial of your true potential, your true nature and purpose. Nothing else matters, and when you choose to stop believing the lies, nothing else but your will exists, you then become the divine god you are and life transforms into all encompassing will of light or dark. The dark is just as important as the light, but the deceit is that the dark is a predator. Humans are not predators by design, we are light. The adversary is what transforms what should be light into predatorial. Don’t get caught up on the predator because it’s not what’s important at all. Knowing what the plan of that species is is the only importance. You must know your adversary, you must not become the adversary.


This adversary is the stuff of nightmares when we begin to see it for what it is. It doesn’t like to be exposed and will put up a fight. The adversary is covert, not in your face, hiding in plain sight. But we are perfect the way we are already, we just have to bring that to light. There’s nothing wrong with us, there’s nothing that needs to be controlled, only integrated and mastered.


There is room in your life for it or you. Where is your intent, where are you aligned? This is for you to discover. Law of attraction states that what we are aligned with is the impetus of our course in life. If we deny advocating for ourselves and removing the game from our lives, then we are aligned with our soul in its purest form – this is god – our consciousness [male], our subconscious [female] and our soul – this is the true trinity and the key to understanding the fall of man. If you are not aligned with truth, the trinity, then you are aligned with the impetus that destroys light and life. We do not call this darkness. Light and dark are sacred. It is simply the adversary.


Align with the adversary and you won’t feel like yourself, like something’s off – you begin to suffer by feeling confined or “blanketed” per se. Align with your truth feels like home… not “safe”, but like you are in your own skin and nothing can replicate that. Feeling safe is not the goal, feeling at home wherever you are -is. Once you are home, you can feel what it’s like to truly thrive, become empowered simply because you exist [not what you’ve accomplished or appear to be] and learn how to create by intelligent design instead of obligation to perform entertaining parlor tricks.


Our two choices are to be sovereign or be possessed of something else that will do what you refuse to do for yourself – direct your own life and become your purpose. You choose or don’t choose, but you cannot escape being a force of destruction when you refuse to choose.


Possession is not the exorcism in the movie, it is sleep and slumber of the camel spider until there’s nothing left. The journey is numbed suffering and pain with seemingly no way out – it’s global somnambulism. If you decide it’s too difficult, know that you leave no choice but to continue to be recycled over and over again to experience the same until you stop the pattern and stop the loop by refusing to be a host – a wayward shell.


We feel this, we know this is true, and we all are given the same opportunities to change it. All you need to realize is that you are sovereign, begin to pay attention to what is happening and educate yourself with what resonates deeply, not information that’s readily available to make you feel good and put you back to sleep. Don’t spin your wheels with distractions either. This journey will not make you “feel” safe for a while in the beginning – but you are safer than you’ve ever been because by law of attraction, benevolent beings will be called to support the light you are choosing to embody – you will need to learning how to live all over again, but it’s worth it. Begin to say no and begin to listen to your own body and intuition, it’s your only guide. Stop seeking divine help from others [psychics, aura readers] and stop paying for these services, we are all susceptible to manipulation, but the stronger and pure ones that are awake will wisely tell you that only you have the answer, because that’s the only way, no one can do it for you. Learn to observe and want to take your life back as if your life depended on it. Be open minded because the truth isn’t in magic or gaining power over the outside world, it is mastering the divinity of the power your soul.


The truth is, you are all alone in this fight and there isn’t anything, or anyone, waiting in the wings to save you. You fight alongside others, others don’t fight for you. You are supported alongside others who are doing what you are doing, but it’s a worthwhile struggle to FIND “the” fight and become part of a collective unit of oneness. You have to want it.


Your neural mapping keeps you in causal loops that you experience as imprisonment. Only you can fight your way out of it by remapping your perspective – remembering how you were as a child is key. Mapping that goes against everything in your biological being. Become the observer and remove yourself from the game. Be empowered, it’s not something you take from others.

Life is a flow, it’s synergy, not a struggle. There is no fate or destiny, only synchronicity.


There is no doing, only being. You are or you aren’t the adversary. You are you [your truth, which is the only truth], or you are the evil you experience in this world. When you are anything other than your deepest true expression, you are the adversary of you because you are saying/expressing how much you hate yourself. Because it is your will to hate you, hate will personify to destroy you, as you wish. This is why evil, lack, poverty and misery follow you all the days of your life.


Every time you choose to deny being your true self [meaning, denying yourself of doing what you really feel like doing, not what you should do to be acceptable] IN THE MOMENT you are in, you choose fear over truth and allow something other than you to take over, and it is nasty. You give your consent away to the “not you” to take control of your life and get upset at the resulting consequences and complain or blame something else. And because you don’t want to deal, because of your inaction to grab that opportunity to change the whole world by directing your own life by being the positive good in this world, you are contribution to the pollution…

Every decision there is to make for yourself is your birthright to enforce, regardless of social convention and rules. Instead, we’ve chosen not to decide and that sets into motion the consequences of your current reality – misery and suffering courtesy of you, and only you.

Universal law states that it must obey your will, even if that will is to destroy you, it’s the fundamental law of attraction and it will only honor your decisions. Your words hold no power over your will. Saying is equivalent to doing, it’s dead energy. Being is will. You only have to will it from the purity of being/expressing your own truth and the law will align to bring it into being, you co-create with natural law, not man-made.

I remember when I realized this. Irrational things were happening to my car – dings, scrapes. I had stumbled upon the realization that everything was part of me – I understood and faced my deepest fear that I was unstable and dangerous because I hated myself so much, so I was a threat to myself.

By admitting my deepest fear that I was dangerous, not the world, I felt a release of pressure from stuffing my feelings down about it and after letting it be a part of me that I now accepted as part of who I am, nothing else happened to my car or my things.

The world was no longer dangerous because I became safe. It was an immediate shift in consciousness because it was now who I was, not what I did. You cannot fake it.


Every time I’m not me, things around me become dangerous again, but as soon as I remember and express my truth to myself and others through self-love, everything aligns with being safe again.


I can be a force of my own good or sabotage everything. Every moment holds the opportunity to determine which outcome, every decision is the rutter. It’s too hard to try, it’s a radical acceptance of who you truly are, not what you can prove, you’ll never make it that way.


You can’t do good, you are good. You can’t do pure, you are pure. You can’t act kind, you are kind. If I could ask, never be nice again, be kind.

This disaster of a life is also the breadcrumbs, a path, to your own salvation. There is always a way out, but you have to direct your own life in order to find yourself. You are your divine path. There is no holy grail or crusade – it leads to nowhere. There is only the great work within you to discover what’s inside. Take your time.


You are the architect of unity within. You are the artist, the creator of beauty and life. If you lose your heart, you lose everything.




Working out your own salvation…

As a kid, I was restricted from thinking for myself or behaviors that were not conducive to my mothers rules and limitations. I was punished for everything, so I vowed that I would be perfect in thoughts words and actions…

I had a breakdown 3 years ago and had a stroke that changed my life and everything I thought I knew about it was no longer okay anymore. I’d locked myself away from others to keep up the facade that I was still perfect, so I had no meaningful relationships and no family because they were septic.

How was I to work out my salvation without all of my core issues destroying others in the process. I began by giving myself permission to fantasize and dream of things that I wasn’t allowed to do in “real life”. I laid down in bed, and for hours, I lived the life that I wasn’t able to live – a life I always wanted. Nothing was off limits and there were no rules. I did this for over a year and, where I was a year later was a very different place than where I started. My beginning fantasies were selfish and needy – revealing my true nature and deepest fears, but it was mine to indulge in. The storyline was ever evolving because I tried out so many scenarios, family, no family, husband, single, geneticist, assassin, prestigious, mundane, intelligent, average… and the more I spent doing this, the more I worked out my own salvation and accellerated growth and maturity without hurting anyone or making lasting mistakes… It was karma giving me a chance to make amends without negative consequences.

The goal is to evolve and mature, not stay looped in our immaturity. The goal is to do what you’ve not allowed yourself to do before and work out what is spiritually beneficial or not for yourself. I started out doing this 3 hours a day, some days 8 hours. If you think that you don’t devote as much time yourself already to making yourself miserable, then it’s your issue, not mine. Begin using your misery programming for good, to benefit growth and use your imagination constructively.

Pair this daydreaming with Mike Dooley’s “Manifesting Change” and in a years time, you will not recognize yourself. There is a right amount of time to devote to this aspect of spiritual growth and maturity, listen to your body to tell you when it’s time to move to another stage of development and move. Until then, work out your own salvation through your fantasies and begin to feel what it’s like to create your life the way you want it [flex your create muscle] so that, when the time comes, you can do it confidently to change what is no longer working [work, love life, marrage, family, etc.].

One imprtant thing is, you can change your entire life without leaving your current circumstances. This isn’t about esaping the choices you’ve made, it’s about re-creating your reality with what you have. If things are toxic, that’s when you cut it off and leave it.

Dick Sutphen is a great authority on how to determine if you should work on it or go. His work, “Master of Life” is a true valu to anyone at any place in their life.

Feeling Stuck…

When you feel stuck, it’s likely because our thoughts are on a loop, a loop of negativity. Sometimes you can do a forward thinking exercise and think positively until your energy reconfigures and breaks through, but for those of us that feel intensely, more needs to be done from a depth that others do not understand.

Feelings of wanting to die, intense aloneness and hopelessness are simply parts of us trying to integrate. We tend to ignore our bodies, so in order to get our attention, we experience depths of darkness that the world could not survive, but we [despite our best effort] suffer and survive again and again until we are worn down to nothing.

We are in a time where we will not reincarnate with a new identity anymore. You reincarnate with your known identity, who you are now, and it is subtle if you aren’t looking for it. When we are purposeful in creating a way out for ourselves, we think we have failed, but we didn’t fail. We simply reincarnated to continue the work, and it only gets worse if we don’t understand this. The cycle of trying to escape has to end and we must run towards the hurt and pain and deal with it.

What we need to understand is, the dark place we go is not devoid of life and it is not there to punish us. This dark and scary place that we can’t control sinking into is asking us to embrace and love it again. A long time ago, we locked it away and vowed never to visit again. This is an imprisonment of who we are, so it’s no wonder we feel the way we do – intense isolation/hurt/rejection. Instead of running or denying it, go there on your own terms and unlock the doors and welcome home every part of your soul that you banished. Love and accept these parts of you again and feel the hurt that you caused them and make amends. Take as long as you need to do this. Once we can feel all its darkness and be okay with it, it loses its power and we don’t have to go back down there again because those aspects are now a part of you. For some, healing is instantaneous, others it takes time.

Living a life without depression, suicide and extreme negative emotions all hinge on freeing what’s down there… and it’s the child that was raped, tortured and told they should be ashamed of who they truly are, or it could simply be other parts of you that you rejected and neglected for some other reason. Locking parts of you away is called splitting your personality. This means you are not whole, and when you aren’t whole, you experience these strange “not myself” moments [a.k.a. “I feel crazy” “I’m losing my grip”] that become to scary to acknowledge that they exist. These places need you to mother and nurture them so that they can mature with you and become a part of completing you. That void that you feel others can’t and won’t give you will end when you integrate the parts of yourself you rejected. Most cannot be whole, but integration is the next best thing to health and balance.

Get to know yourself so that you can identify when you are communing with parts of you, or if there is an intruder. I miss playing the piano… that is a part of you. I’m stupid and should give up, this is too hard… this is an intruder. I want to go running again… this is part of you. I have money, I will buy ________… this is an intruder. Your nature is not to sabotage you, it is only the nature of parasites and intruders. You must understand this.

These intruders are handlers… they have been running you as you’ve consented to automatic responses, autopilot living and checking out of life from exhaustion. Nothing to be alarmed about if you plan on evicting these parasites from your body mind and spirit… but if you want to bury your head in the sand, they are a part of you and stick closer than you realize. Disassociation, rage, hate, etc., invites them in. Be mindful of what is eminating from your heart. Where your heart is, your thoughts and behaviors follow.

Parasites must be evicted before you can fully integrate and act sovereignly… we all go through the eviction process, it’s nothing to be ashamed or scared of… single soul occupancy is a must, and it ensures that you are living your life and not something else.

If you have questions about parasites/single soul occupancy, feeling hopeless/not wanting to live, how you can change what you don’t like about your life, loving yourself, etc., please feel free to email me. I’m not scared of darkness, I’ve been there myself and have found a way out. I am not a therapist and you will NOT get bullshit psychological methods on how to further deny what you are going through from me. We talk about it, feel it and experience it fully until the breakthrough happens and it’s cleared. I will tell you what you need to, or don’t want to, hear and it’s up to you to take control of your life or not. I care about your healing, not being popular. There is possibly nothing I haven’t heard before, and what you have experienced is your truth and we work with that. I will not ask you to deny what you feel or know about what you went through, the goal is clearing the block, not resisting it.

My email to seek guidance is

I look forward to helping.


Commanding Our Space

I’m doing this seminar on identifying core issues and healing them. It is really great work, but the group meetings each week require homework. I spent a year preparing to quit my government job to take 6 months off, and I promised myself that I would spend every moment being, not doing. No to-do lists, no obligations, no expectations of others… simply being, living in the moment and getting things done by this process alone. From May to September, just being.

The homework requires you to fabricate a to-do list and be held accountable each week to the group for it. You also have to quantify your progress – “I will exercise 3x a week for 30 minutes at a time” “I will do random acts of kindness 3x a week…”. Not very random if you’ve obligated yourself, but, I respect the process and it’s truly helpful if you’re still at the doing stage and not the being stage of life. It’s actually where I started out, so.

I tried to explain to a team leader that doing this work right now was not an option because it negates the goals I have already set for this time off. The only option I could think of was flowing with the group, or leaving at the end when they assembled, so I was trying to explain this and see what we should come up with because I really didn’t want to leave, I love the people there and they want me to be there too.

I don’t think the team leader was understanding because he was only seeing what I was saying as if I were coming from a place of fear [a core issue]. I didn’t know how many times I had to say that this was non-negotiable, I will not compromise the plans I have for myself just to add this to-do list that will do nothing but distract me from my real goal, but he couldn’t step away from the programs path to understand that what I was saying was bigger than the course material, which had no relevance in this case, and it was apparent that the opportunity to explain anything further had past – it was no up to me to make the decision solo. I have no issues making my own decisions about things, but this course was about me working with others and collaborating while still respecting my own needs and desires.

I knew that if I compromised what was right for me, even a little, to support a cause that is not my own for the sake of being on board, I would have lost everything I worked for in the last year and a half… I would not get another shot at taking 6 months off of work and doing what I am doing again, the time to do it right is now or I may as well still be working at my old job.

Lovingly commanding my space last night was part of my spiritual growth, not giving in to a to-do list. I want to encourage everyone to decide what is important, be intelliget in how to go about implementing the changes you’d like to see for yourself, magnify what makes you an individual, go out into the world with the strength of co-creating with what is only spiritually beneficial and command your sovereignty at all cost, and with a pure heart. Do your job in this manner, commune with your loved ones in this manner and above all, live your life wholly in this manner.

Unity in Individuality vs. the Imposter of Diversity

Beneath the surface of what we long to be [collectively], an imposter idea has been implanted and has replace what used to be real and fulfilling. When we give permission for any one or any thing to supersede our divine individuality and sovereignty, the perfection in our divine design will implode and we will experience misery.

Diversity in the work place is one such imposter that undermines our heart humility and degrades our personal empowerment in order to accoommodate another being as superior to you on a technicality.

It is not easy to fight your way back to your soul after awakening. But when we get there, the seat of our soul is all that matters because we understand that it is everything – it is a dauntless and fearless place of authority, sovereignty and freedom. Nothing else exists but pure creation, observing, being and healing when you’re there. Then you get to be a person of action, not doing, and it’s the most empowering thing to see everyone in the world running around doing things, and you know you never have to live in the slumber of never knowing how truly powerful you are ever again.

Never back down from your individuality because it is a spirit-led manifestation of life… knowing your truth and exercising it through your will, thoughts and actions… everything else is entropic.


Healing with the purpose of coexisting…

Those who are at war with others are not at peace with themselves – William Hazlit
The balance of life lies in the understanding that nature usurps all of what we’ve created for ourselves. Whether we chose to believe or not, we coexist with other dimensional beings… we feel and see them, there’s no denying this. And if we can acknowledge and respect them, we will coexist peacefully because we all have a purpose here.
In addition to this, the battles we face are within, not without, and our hearts are trying to heal and show us how. It just so happens that others reflect every aspect of who we are, and we are angry because we cannot [are blinded to], or chose not to [are too afraid to], take responsibility and accept that it’s okay that we are not perfect, or admit that we have lost our way. We must accept that everything is perfect the way it is, and that we are not alone. Shifting our focus to accepting these two concepts will begin the healing process.
One component to healing is giving up control of what you see and the manner it conducts itself [nature and other beings]. It’s basic knowledge that you can’t stop one thing unless you begin another, so let go of control and surrender to what is beneath the surface of what you see and join the flow. Just let go, and forget understanding ‘why’ for a while.
Another component is respecting all of life and finding a reverence in its purpose, which has nothing and everything to do with you.
And another is finding power within yourself again, remembering who you are, and ruling from within. Communication with life around us is non-verbal.
Another is calling a soul into your life [or your soul family] to help you heal where you cannot navigate for yourself. Your biological family is not equipped to do this. This tool is very powerful and you must call souls for the purpose you need them from a place of control, centerdness and positivity. If you make a soul call from a place of desperation or fear, you will attract things that thrive on keeping you there. You are responsible for whatever you call into your life, you have been, automatically, on a daily basis, so make it count for your good now that you know what is happening.
None of this can be accomplished until we each know what self-love is and feel it for ourselves above anyone else. Love is the foundation of everything this life is built upon and it keeps us safe.
It’s time we heal and remember who we truly are. A good place to start is by questioning everything, and then following the trail to get answers. Along the way, if you’re not falling in love with everything in your life, you’re doing it wrong.
~Looking Beneath the Surface Blog

Life is beauty and love. It’s a result of us taking those two things and creating our moments with them…

I’m watching a show and the character [a psychic] said, “… because I’m a fraud. People come to me looking for miracles and there are none to be had.”
This got me thinking… beneath the surface of this, there is tremendous truth in that. There are no miracles to be had in life. Synchronicities, healings, financial gain and anything we interpret as bringing us stability is created on our behalf, by our soul, or we create it here. It is intentional, not coincidental.
When we think there’s no way out unless a miracle comes our way, we devalue and perish in ourselves.
There are no miracles in life, only manifestations of the seeds we’ve planted or didn’t plant. Life, itself, is the product of us taking beauty and love and working that to make everything that is righteous, holy or pure [whichever word we choose to describe it].
We shouldn’t seek, or subscribe to the belief that miracles give our lives meaning because it is misleading that the answers lie outside of our own design. Those moments that make you laugh, those memories with the people you care about and everything else we handle throughout our entire day… it’s been us the whole time.